Since 2008 we have worked with 252 Clients and have helped them make digital marketing more effective and earn more money.
Online apartment booking service
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What has been done:
  • Outsourcing marketing team with marketing director
  • Controlling third-party contractors of the client
  • Restarted 3 directions of PPC advertising
  • Implemented 260 triggered emails in Mandrill by API
  • Carrying out regular mailings and preparing email automation for the segments of tenants and apartment owners
  • Set up Google Analytics with Enhanced E-commerce module and Measurement Protocol technology
  • Set up management reporting using Microsoft Power BI
The Real Estate Classified Houza
📊 4x

The increase in the leads in 5 months

What has been done:
  • Prepared the semantic core
  • Checked and updated Google Analytics settings, set up a dashboard in Google Data Studio
  • Checked Google Ads settings. We launch and optimize advertising campaigns
  • Reached the desired indicators for DAU (number of unique users per day) and MAU (number of unique users per month) for 2 months of work
  • We increase traffic from month to month while maintaining CPC
Mac software developers MacPaw
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What has been done:
  • We have done an audit of mail deliverability for MacPaw and Setapp
  • Audited client's email marketing: email base enrichment, email design and layout, content and frequency of emails, management of the process
Security system manufacturer AJAX Systems
What has been done:
  • Developed email automation for new users onboarding
  • Did advertising audit: AdWords and Facebook
  • Identified and prescribed growth points for e-commerce direction
  • Created remarketing scenarios
  • Prepared an analysis of competitors
  • Prepared hypotheses for A/B testing on the site, launched tests
Software development for photographers SKYLUM
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    Review: “It’s always a pleasure to collaborate with Roman”
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    Paul Muzok, CEO MacPhun
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🌱 1.4x

giveaway virality coefficient

What has been done:
  • Conducted marketing audit: website, advertising, products, competitors. Identified growth points.
  • Made a portrait of the ideal buyer. Highlighted targetings, which increased revenue from advertising.
  • Improved personalization of emails and site.
  • Set up a giveaway mechanic with a 1.4 virality coefficient.
  • Calculated unit economics for apps selling.
  • Set up a real ROI calculation. Real ROI accounted for advertising costs and revenue minus commissions and returns.
Manufacturer of memory products Kingston
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What has been done:
  • Advised on improving the efficiency of remarketing
  • Advised on Google Ads, Google Analytiсs, banner ads, and mechanics to boost promotions
  • Configured analytics and advertising in Yandex.Direct, Facebook, and Vkontakte for promotional activities
Online SEO tool Semrush
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What has been done:
  • Consulted the Client about web analytics.
  • Helped to implement Enhanced E-commerce in Google Analytics.
  • Offered solutions to the sampling problem in Google Analytics, that happens if the amount of visitors is high.
Online store of сars in India
🚀 6.5x

The increase in the number of visits from email

0 → 3%

Increased email part in achieving goals on the site

What has been done:
  • Identified 3 audience segments, depending on fillable forms
  • Created a funnel of 4 email for the segments
  • Mandrill mailing system was integrated via API
  • Prepared responsive email templates. On the average it's 15 dynamic variables in every template.
Virtual dataroom provider iDeals
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    Review: We have cut costs by 35% with the budget for PPC over 100,000 $
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👍 35%

Budget saving on PPC without reduction in conversions

💰 100+

thousands of $ monthly budget for PPC

What has been done:
  • prepared a marketing audit and found growth points
  • took over PPC advertising management: Google, Bing, Facebook, LinkedIn
  • optimized CPA and number of conversions on a large budget
  • conducted training in analytics for the marketing team
Computer systems manufacturer Lenovo
What has been done:
  • Working with Ukrainian and Belarusian offices
  • Enalytics customization - ecommerce
  • Regional analytical support of promo activities
  • Creation of dashboards for activity analysis in different sections: content marketing, ecommerce
  • Site conversion improvement
  • Analytical accompaniment of 8+ national promotional campaigns
  • Control client’s advertising contractors
  • We advertise in Google Ads (search and Google Shopping) and Vkontakte (dynamic product retargeting) for
Online shop of agricultural products LNZweb
📉 -80%

In six months reduced the cost of customer acquisition

📊 2.5х

The share of Advertising Expenses from overall turnover decreased by 2.5 times in six months

What has been done:
  • We work as a marketing team of a full cycle. We have 6+ specialists working on the project on a regular basis.
  • We launched digital marketing for an online store from scratch.
  • Set up and run campaigns in Google Ads: search, remarketing, Shopping, Gmail, and GDN; we conduct tests with landing pages and segmentation of Shopping campaigns.
  • Configure Google Analytics Enhanced Ecommerce, transferring of the true revenue through Measurement Protocol.
  • Email-marketing: set up a mailing system and monitoring of delivery, we conduct regular mailings.
  • Facebook advertising and posts: we run dynamic retargeting campaigns, prepare regular posts, working on replenishing the base of relevant audience.
  • SEO and work on the website: conducted landing pages audit, together working on internal optimization of the site along with an SEO team.
  • We regularly support digital and real-life marketing activities, advise the Client on possible growth points through Internet marketing.
Creative agency FEDORIV
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    Review: We have chosen because they are nerds in a good sense.
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What has been done:
  • Conducted a marketing audit of a European brand with a cool history and helped with the formation of a digital strategy
  • Conducted a marketing audit and consulted on the portrait of an ideal client for another brand
Airfare search service TRIPMYDREAM
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What has been done:
  • Over 30 hours of team training and consulting.
  • Have given the consultation on email marketing.
  • Developed a series of welcome-emails for new subscribers.
  • Conducted an audit of email deliverability and set up regular monitoring.
Online store of underwear and swimwear Intimo
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🤝 10

years Client assistance

😊 97%

satisfied buyers in Intimo

What has been done:
  • Full marketing support by a team of 4+ people
  • Implemented Enhanced E-commerce and Measurement Protocol in Google Analytics
  • Constructed end-to-end analytics to calculate profits for each source and ROI
  • We are responsible for all contextual advertising on 2 languages, in 7 countries and 49+ product groups
  • Implemented MailChimp and Mandrill synchronization via API
  • Introduced gathering of subscribers by means of
  • Have launched a series of 15+ welcome emails
  • We manage Client's third-party contractors that do advertising and SEO
Cashback service
💰 -40%

reduced the cost of registration from PPC

📈 x2

increased number of registrations

What has been done:
  • Configured e-commerce module in Google Analytics via Measurement Protocol
  • Restarted PPC ads on Google and Facebook
  • Tested new semantics and targetings looking for new registrations and purchases.
Online store of home appliances and electronics
💎 +42%

to repeat sales

What has been done:
  • Analyzed customer base, built cohorts.
  • Analyzed re-sales and determined after how many days from the first order it is worth to offering discount coupons and special offers to those who did not place a second order.
  • Made an automated and triggered emails that reminding user about the store and incline him for buying.
Point of Sale and Inventory Management for cafes, restaurants, and stores Poster
What has been done:
  • Analyzed context advertising settings, landing pages and email marketing
  • Have given a recommendations on optimization, testing and increasing marketing effectiveness
  • Have given a recommendations by the product and new users onboarding
Purchase and delivery of goods from the USA USA in UA
What has been done:
  • Set up settings for e-commerce module
  • Fixed mistakes in web-analytics, set up the goals
  • Have given the consultation on advertising, website, product
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    Review: In only 2 hours I got so much information, which other info-businessmen give in 2 months.
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Online store of appliances, electronics and household goods in Belarus
What has been done:
  • Prepared an audit of a large AdWords account for the biggest online hypermarket in Belarus
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    Review: helped us make our Google Ads account more effective.
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National telecom operator Kyivstar
What has been done:
  • Held 8 lessons (16 hours in total) of basic and advanced web analytics course for marketing team
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    Review: Roman helped to sort out the analytics in actual projects.
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    Review: Thanks for the constructive attitude, experience and useful tips.
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What has been done:
  • Have given the consultation on the growth of e-commerce direction: website, advertising, analytics
  • Prepared "the helicopter report" to estimate advertising efficiency taking into account orders by phone
  • Prepared a technical task for combining mailchimp lists and modifying subscription forms.
  • Marked out price aggregators for Google Analytics to better assess placement efficiency.
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    Review: Roman’s expertise in e-marketing and Google Analytics is really deep and he knows how to put it into practice.
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What has been done:
  • Conducted an email deliverability audit based on Amazon SES and set up monitoring
  • Prepared 30+ triggered emails for users at different stages of the funnel
  • Created an email automation from registration to the first purchase, from the first purchase to the second one
🚀 40%

Increase in the level of viewing emails

🚀 18%

Increase in customers returns

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Online store of amber jewelry
What has been done:
  • Audited Google AdWords settings and found improvement points
📉 -37%

cost per click

🛍 -67%

cost reduction by one customer

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    Review: The cost of customer acquisition decreased by 3-5 times.
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What has been done:
  • Accompany with analytics all promo in the CIS
  • Advertise in Vkontakte and Yandex. Direct. Launched 40+ promotional campaigns in CIS
  • Help to improve the conversion of promo landings
  • We're testing targeting to collect the target audience
👥 90+

million displays in Vkontakte

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Attractions and trampoline rental service
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Advertising agency OS-Direct

Products for tourists Redpoint

Online store of tires Rezina.CC

The biggest marketplace in Ukraine

Advertising agency NitraMarketing

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