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Review: We have cut costs by 35% with the budget for PPC over 100,000 $
Review: We have cut costs by 35% with the budget for PPC over 100,000 $

I am Sasha Hlevnyuk. I am responsible for sales, marketing, and analytics in iDeals Solutions company.

This is a product company, offering solutions for M&A operations (support with merges and acquisitions) and our product is a virtual data room. It can be regarded as, say, Dropbox, which is equipped with some really specific functions, providing security for those operations.

I can say that it was a classic long sale. It seems to me Roman first caught my attention 5-7 years ago as a marketing specialist in Ukraine. But in the context of the tasks I used to have, there wasn’t a need for cooperation yet.

And step by step, year after year, I had a feeling you are the person I can try and start working with within my range of tasks.

And probably the last qualifying criterion was the first stage of the project when we were analyzing our needs and our current position, and you were conducting an audit. And the way you conducted it, accompanied by your findings, was a signal that we can proceed to project work.


In the structure of our acquisition process, the paid channel is quite substantial, but at the same time, it has certain limitations. I.e., I can’t say that we belong to the game development niche, where you can constantly buy more and more traffic, but there is a particular demand in the world, which in a way is regulated by M&A operations, taking place globally. In the economic boom, the demand is increased, and in the world economic recession, the demand is decreased. And consequently, paid traffic, especially in Google Ads, has such a correlation, but the scope is limited.

At the end of the last year, on the one hand, we got to the point of realization that we do collect a significant part of that digital traffic in Google Ads, but it was unclear if we use the money efficiently.

There were many indirect indications, showing that the same volume can be used with a certain level of the economy. On the other hand, the way our Google Ads and other connected digital channels developed wasn’t systemic. I.e., it was a new function, which had been developing for the last two years, and we had a certain understanding of the lack of internal expertise, how to work with these channels.

And having such factors and such aims, we started entering the project trying to find who will be able to increase our internal expertise on the one hand and on the other hand help us solve the task on traffic cost optimization.


We have solved the task. I can’t say how exactly it was done.

In my estimation, it took about 3-4 months to reach the point where we could draw conclusions and say: ‘Yes, really, here’s an interval, here’s an interval, we see the difference.’

First of all, we have significantly cut costs. If to take the average costs, we have cut them by 35-40%. And these are significant amounts of money.

By spring we optimized the cost of traffic, and it seemed some kind of a plateau from the point of view of our further development, but at the same time we got into a new situation when there was a change in demand in the world, the competition started to increase, there were fewer leads in the search, our competitors started entering those channels more actively. And it was the point when we realized that it was necessary to grow despite the general decline, that’s it.

And I can say that we solved that task. If to compare acquisition from the point of view of off-brand traffic, last autumn, the market situation was stable, and the market was even booming in a way, whereas in spring and summer of the current year, there was a certain decline. But despite those trends, we even increased the number of acquired leads by 30%. So, even though our goal was initially out of scope, and when we started, there were no definite signals, we managed to reach it by focusing our attention.

The cost of the mistake

So, the cost of traffic for those niche audiences is usually higher, and one can say that within Google Ads, a click might cost $20-30-40 on average, whereas some other expenses can constitute up to $100 and $150. And as we understand, if there are difficulties with conversion, if there are difficulties with certain funnel stages, those cases can easily lead to losses. I can say that we are now ready to pay more than $1000 for the lead itself. Consequently, because the click cost is quite high, it’s very easy to exceed these frames, i.e., set up certain campaigns incorrectly or set up certain limits in the wrong way, and where the cost of lead was $1000, it can become $1800. So, quite a substantial error can occur.

That’s why the cost of the mistake is high, the overall marketing budget for the paid channels in our case exceeds $100,000, and consequently, fluctuations of 30-40% were quite significant from the point of view of their effect.

And coming back to the previous comment about the role of the agency or the cost of servicing the channel, as you can see, the cost of the mistake might be 10-20-30 times higher than the expenses on the internal specialists or, say, external agencies.

And I can’t say those challenges have come to a halt because there are some DDoS attacks, some click frauds, some other malicious operations on the internet, which make up the traffic. And in our case, the cost of the absence of control can easily turn into the loss of tens of thousands of dollars and can be really sensitive.


Before having worked with you, I had an experience of working with other agencies in Ukraine, which can be regarded as top ones. The main context of their drawbacks was connected to the fact that those companies got really extended both vertically and horizontally. On the one hand, you work with a specialist or two, they have their mindset for solving your task, but the people responsible for the decision-making process in this team or all the teams, those who work with the clients, are very far up the vertical and the feedback can be really limited in the context of its effectiveness. Yes, they will always listen to you and say: ‘Sure, we understand what needs to be enforced here and there,’ but the opportunities of those people to change anything are minimal. I.e., suppose they can’t afford an analyst within their budget. In that case, they can’t include one in the staff, they have their limitations for such tasks, or if there’s some crisis policy in place in the company in general, they can’t in a particular moment or month or other sets of time pay more attention to your tasks, because they have their manager, saying: ‘No, no, only 10 hours, that’s it’.

And while working with you, we had such expectations, and I can say that it was entirely justified. And due to the fact that the company is small, and the management of the company is involved with the tasks and is communicating with the client, a lot of the things can be changed effectively.

So no one is perfect, which means that everybody always has some difficulties, various approaches, but the number of initiatives on your part eventually leads to those changes. You say: ‘Dear colleagues, why don’t we change our way of reporting and make it such and such?’ Two weeks after the way of reporting was changed, you say: ‘What if you do certain things, you will structure them this way, write about some marketing experiments in such a way?’ ‘Okay, will do.’ So, in big companies, it won’t work. They have their framework, and they work within this framework.

It has worked with you, and I can say that probably the main value is the level of flexibility and desire to go further if the situation requires.


As we are a product company, which works in B2B segment, the service price is unimportant from the point of view of the goals we want to reach.

I would say: We welcome the increase of the expenses if it can effectively influence the result’. Thus, the value is paying off multiple times.


I have just mentioned one of your strengths when the company’s management gets involved with the projects, communication with the clients, and I can even imagine taking part in some hands-on processes. I.e., go to Google Ads and look at what’s going on there and how a certain company is performing. This approach has a reverse side, which I can call a drawback, and this is the lack of systemic project management. When certain people are responsible for certain tasks, for their coordination, for their synchronization, for the consistency of some procedures, which can take, say, one month.

When it’s not the management of the company, not the top level, which definitely prioritize certain projects, which have certain tasks out of the client scope, but rather of administrative nature, I don’t know, vacation, for example, and when we speak that a company has such function as project management, organization, and coordination, in my opinion, it will help you move even faster and reduce the number of situations when you would need to say: ‘Let’s have a chat, sync up, let’s put together the whole picture of what’s going on here or there’.


I would recommend your company to those who are aiming at high transparency in their work. To those looking for an opportunity to get a team, which would work kind of from the inside, meaning it’s not an agency, involved in other tasks, but rather people who empathize with your company’s goals.

And here is another component, which must be important for a scalable business that grows, but it worked in our case, and it is worth being mentioned. We started in one scope when there were two people working on our project, but as our requirements increased, as new projects emerged, we demanded more attention on the part of your agency. And there was this important flexibility when you started engaging additional people, who, on the one hand, are as qualified or even more qualified, and, on the other hand, get involved in solving tasks quickly. We don’t need to spend another month working with someone else, explaining all the aspects. You were some kind of a backend for us from the point of view of those tasks when you could have just delegated one thing, then another thing, and there have never been any sags in quality, which remained at the same high level as during the first project. So, if your business is growing, if you understand that in a quarter or two there might be some enlargement, I can say that Roman.company agency is also ready for those challenges and is monitoring the situation when the scope should be increased, and more people should be involved in the project.

Alexander Hlevnyuk, Chief Revenue Officer в iDeals

Review: We have chosen Roman.company because they are nerds in a good sense.
Review: We have chosen Roman.company because they are nerds in a good sense.

My name is Vlad Nozdrachev. I am the brand-leader at FEDORIV company. We are the best creative company on the market. And I develop, create and promote brands.

What is special about our company is that we are very big strategists. We work on creating big brands and can see the strategy as a whole: how the brand is going to develop on the market, how it is going to look in the eyes of the consumer. These are very deep essences. But in these essences you can’t do without execution. You need to implement everything you have created, otherwise, you will be just a pure strategist, who did a great job having created everything, having collected people, having told them about it, they clapped their hands and you are stuck not knowing what to do next.

Execution is a world on its own. If you look at it, marketing consists of a great number of subcategories which require very narrow specialization and competence. Big companies often don’t have this competence, since you really need to be an expert in very subtle aspects.

As developers of broad strategies and vision for big brand names, we always work with narrow scope specialists and professionals who help us implement our strategies.

We considered several companies, but we have made our choice in favor of Roman.company because they are nerds in a good sense.


I will give an example of a case we had been puzzling over in terms of implementation and execution. While thinking about the case for a western client, we realized that we were incompetent in their online market. We couldn’t figure out how to implement our grand strategy in the European market; we had to sort out all the figures, all the details, and narrow aspects.

We were won over by their nerdiness because we had been looking for this deep understanding of a concrete problem. We needed a clear understanding of implementing certain things that we had collectively elaborated.

On top of that, some issues were subject to crash-tests, they were being challenged, questioned. Those questions were uncomfortable and awkward. And this is when the magic happens. When the company has narrow specialization, is competent in contextual marketing, target marketing, has deep understanding of E-commerce. And this company comes and starts taking to pieces your philosophy and strategy, starts decomposing them into clusters, analyzing how this cluster interacts with the customer, how it will react, which effect we are looking for, then you see the spark. And we had sparks all over it. After several meetings we realized that we want to do it this way and with this particular company.

We decided that we needed to understand a comprehensive audit. We were working on a brand, European brand in the market, which was new and unknown to us. And it was very important for us to get into the nuts and bolts of the digital environment, of the communication channels that this brand was implementing. We had to look into what was efficient and not, what works and does not. And we called it  a comprehensive audit, taking into account what we currently have and where it is going. And such product was the main for us. We looked into it, envisioned what to do next, cards up, so to say. And it was the first product, which we had formulated.

The next product which we wanted to have was the strategy itself, we wanted to know how to implement what we had envisioned. If you deeply understand and analyze your client, you will understand all the figures, trends, outcomes, analytics. We realized that we had to organize the working process on all sides: on the side of the agency, on the side of the client and on the side of the consumer, so that all the three pieces come together. As well, we needed a strategy on how to promote this product on the market, present it to the consumer, and how to serve the customer distantly from our office.

Moreover, we liked that the guys tried to understand how everything would be implemented, gave their tips on the technical side: “Take certain service, look at certain channels, and buy certain advertising.” They took part in the working group, which was engaged in the process.


The comprehensive audit was the starting point for our understanding where to go next, how to develop our business, our brand, how to choose advertising, and so on.

The second part is the strategy itself. We have conducted the audit, that’s clear, but nobody knows what to do with it. So, we needed to elaborate a step by step plan: how to proceed, what the creative component and the content would be, which values to promote and what would affect the consumer the most, and most importantly, what our budget would be like.


The fact that I understood what was going on was the most valuable for me. The audit was really awesome. The second part is understanding how to proceed with minimal investments. Why should I overspend, why should I experiment with the budget when there is some experience, some cases, understanding of the market prices? For example, how much you will pay for the customer in this or that category in this or that market. There is experience, there is a case. And I was ready to pay 3 times this price.

But with understanding how to proceed and how to optimize the process I can save money. It’s extremely important for me as well as for the client. Because at the end of the day you’ve got the money in the till, and you have to understand how much your customer costs, how many such customers you need.

This way you form your budget and you, as a businessman, have the foreseen cash-flow for a year. It’s really important for my client to understand this, because he, being a businessman, needs to see how much he spends and how much he gets after 3 months of advertising campaigns and interactions with the customers.

All these answers have to be given and have to be transparent in advance, before you plunged into the process. And for us it is the biggest value of cooperation with the agency.

Service fee

Consulting is not a stock exchange market. You can’t take an arithmetic average. You can’t be rational in evaluating why something is better or not.

You have to understand the depth and the step-by-step plan, which you will follow while developing the product. I understood that and the announced service fee was lower than the value I got. And I was OK with that.


There are such disappointing statistics, that 90% of Ukrainian business lies outside the digital technologies. This is inevitable for Ukrainian business. I bet that in a year it will be a real pain in the neck for all Ukrainian business.

Let’s look at some FEDORIV brands, such as Rozetka, Bodo, Concert and many others. All these brands are digital, they sell on the internet, and the level of internet competence is №1 priority for Ukrainian businesses, and if you don’t go online, you are so to say a non-achiever, you don’t have any future.

What I recommend is that if the company doesn’t feel it is digitally strong, the owners should develop such competence, use our course at Superludi, use other educational projects, just pump this skill and just go for it. Also, they should network with professionals and experts, those who have successful cases, which you can implement or those who have experience, which you can benefit from. Such experts will help you get more digital and work in the digital environment.

But the owner of the company must be competent, that’s for sure. And nothing pumps your skills better than cooperation with an expert. As soon as the expert comes, he tells you how everything works, how it is organized and how much it costs. This way, you will have a picture to compare with.

And my tip №1 for all Ukrainian business, no matter how big, is to develop its digital competence, if they haven’t done so yet. This is number one.

The second tip is for those, whose marketing department and marketing strategy work well. The difference between an entrepreneur and an expert is that the entrepreneur develops horizontally, he tries to master both finance and sales, marketing, management and human resource. But the expert develops in a different way.

Expert develops vertically. He digs down. And if the business sells online, its expertise, especially in marketing, should dig deep down and get to know the contextual advertising, SEO, Facebook advertising, and other ways of communication with people. Every company that has a website, should attract such an expert. It means that if you have a website, even if this is just a landing or anything like that, you should dig deep down and get to know the ropes.

Vlad Nozdrachev
Brand leader at FEDORIV and CEO at Superludi

Review: Online apartment booking service Dobovo.com about working with Roman.company
Review: Online apartment booking service Dobovo.com about working with Roman.company

I’m glad that you always keep up with trends and look how to solve our problems with the latest technologies.

Dmitriy Malakhov

We began our cooperation on email marketing. It was sort of an experimental project. We found common ground pretty quick and got a positive feedback from you.

We really liked that technically the process in your company is appropriately set. Tasks that we give you are either in work, already completed, or you return them back. So the case when a task is simply lost can never occur, which brings nothing but joy.

We found a team that can solve our problems, and we put on your shoulders everything new to us, everything we had no expertise in.


One of the main tasks besides email marketing was PPC advertising, where we had no expertise in. We needed consultants of such a high level.

I’m glad that Roman.company participates in conferences, always tries to find a solution for our problems with the use of the latest technology and not by just increasing the number of billed hours. That’s exactly why we continue to work with Roman.company.

In which areas Roman.company solved our problems? It’s PPC advertising above all, and I can say that overall we are happy that delegated Olga such a task as marketing director. Olga curates us regarding basically all marketing questions, which is also good because one person should do it.

The advantage for us is that control of the agency that does advertising in the top city, Kyiv, is not on my shoulders.It’s a big relief for me because any agency needs supervising. That’s why here we solve these tasks together and are pretty successful so far.


Did we complete our task? Well, at the start of the project I thought ‘What’s advertising, just configure everything once and forget about it’. Now I understand that it is a never-ending process. Of course, there is a certain foundation that forms over time and keeps the process going, with which you can try new directions.

Did we answer our question? Not completely, because I believe that we have room to grow, there is something to fight for. We don’t know where we or our competitors we will be in half a year. That’s why we set new tasks, resolve them, and move forward – it’s a never-ending process.


Power BI is a great tool. Thank you, Roman, for proposing it at the time. This is what we lacked because working with a large amount of data without such a tool makes it rather impossible to make the right decisions. However, it took a long time to set it up, but it was worth it.

I think that you can safely offer this product already as a boxed solution to other agencies. Fast, affordable, and everything in one place. You can make a selection for any period, for any campaign, the data is not instantly, but rather quickly loads up, and you can make a decision depending on the tasks of the project accordingly: either you want to invest in some direction, or you want to reduce cost and profit. This is the tool that is simply necessary for a large product.


If we are talking about a large company, there are new, silly employees, as well as experienced ones, which at one glance can give you some cool solutions. If we are talking about such a small agency as Roman.company, then the advantage is that the number of failures is reduced, because you will immediately spot the dummy and just won’t give him a job until you teach him. But at the same time, you cannot afford a large number of specialists who can come up with other interesting solutions. I am talking about automation and so on.

I like the fact that you always try to use the latest solutions from Google and prefer to spend more time on automatic configuration than to do something with your hands temporarily. That’s a plus.

We work with a large agency along the Roman.company. And for us, this is probably the best combination today. We take knowledge and experience from both teams. And in the end, we get pretty good symbiosis.


The price corresponds to the market, and I think that you are quite worthy of winning this competition.


Yes, there were some inconsistencies in the little things, and you learned a lesson from each failure. And if, for example, a business process misfired, then you reviewed this business process, put another person to control or inspect, and as a result, we reached a level at which the number of errors in this exact business process tended to zero.

Since in my head there is no bad case that would pop up, a large one, then I am happy with the work.


Those who are looking for a reliable contractor in the field of email marketing, Google Ads, etc. can safely contact Roman.company, they will solve your problems.

Dmitriy Malakhov,
Co-founder of Dobovo project

Review: Attractions and trampoline rental service Batut.com.ua about working with Roman.company
Review: Attractions and trampoline rental service Batut.com.ua about working with Roman.company

The main thing I get from working with Roman.company is peace of mind

Andrey Kobylinsky

I didn’t have any ads on Google Ads, and I didn’t know how to approach it. For this, in fact, I came to the agency. And so Roman taught me to take the first steps. We created the first advertising campaign together with a teamwork approach.

At various stages of our cooperation I needed few different services. The first was Google Ads. And the second was about my sites’ interfaces, which needed to be tweaked to make them user-friendly. For these tasks, I have always sought advice.

The outcome is that I’m calm, because I know that everything is fine there. Sometimes I enter keywords into the search engine and see that we are in top 3 or 2 websites usually, both for SEO and context. It means that everything is fine.

Unfortunately, I can’t say how much profit I received from advertising in Google Ads, because I still don’t think it’s necessary to set up analytics. But the main thing that I get is peace. Because I know that if I pay money, then someone does something for that money. Unfortunately, this is not so common in the market of the Digital advertising services.

For example, when I paid money to an agency for doing SEO, in the end I found out they did nothing. They just took my money and did nothing. I thought that was an exception, applied to other agencies, and then realized that it was the norm to take the money and do nothing. Nothing at all. Only when I taught myself on the topic, I figured all of them did nothing. In case of Roman.company, I’m at least sure that my money is not wasted.

Of course, over the past 6 years of our cooperation the price has somehow steadily increased. On the other hand, I also raised prices for my services. For now, it’s somewhere on the edge, but it’s not high enough to abandon this collaboration. It is a lot, but you understand what you’re paying for.

Andrey Kobylinsky,
Owner of the attractions rental service Batut.com.ua

Review: Memory products manufacturer Kingston about working with Roman.company
Review: Memory products manufacturer Kingston about working with Roman.company

I recommend cooperation with Roman for almost everyone involved in the business.

Olga Andreeva

When Kingston Technology entered the gaming industry, we realized that we needed to improve our knowledge in the field of Internet marketing, and we began to look for professionals who would help us slightly improve this knowledge. We chose Roman Rybalchenko. When we saw how he and his team approach work, how they selflessly treat their work, we realized that this meeting would probably not be the last, and one single consultation resulted in a long-term cooperation.

To date, his team has implemented support of the first in Ukraine gaming reality show Battle of Gamers, and now they are managing a number of turnkey projects for us.

I believe that if you want to learn something new, the optimal and fastest way is to find the best teacher in this field. At the time, it was Roman Rybalchenko.

No matter how trite it sounds, but from my point of view, it is professionalism in the broad sense of the word. Particularly, relevance of the knowledge. These guys keep an eye on the trends in their field. Secondly, it’s an understanding of the boundaries of their competence. And the third is the focus on results, involvement in the project, and not some beautiful pictures or reports.

I believe that the cost of services should at least correlate with the value that the specialist or any company brings. Regarding Roman.ua team, the expert services and projects implementation perfectly correlate with the price they request. But what I would like to say for our part, is that we received an invaluable bonus from them, which is personal to me and valuable for our team, because they suggested using a cool task manager, with which we managed to organize our work in a way more effective way, establish better communication, which in general was not included in the list of those services for which we paid.

I think that today, the Internet platform is basically the most effective tool for promoting any business. Television, billboards, and so on are still relevant for some industries, but I think that the influence of these tools is gradually decreasing. Therefore, I recommend for almost anyone involved in the business in any way, whether it is the owner or employee, cooperation with Roman. And it is up to you, how deep this cooperation will be.

Olga Andreeva,
International Sales — Eastern Europe
Field Marketing Manager, Ukraine & CIS in Kingston.

Review: Airfare search service №1 in Ukraine TripMyDream about working with Roman.company
Review: Airfare search service №1 in Ukraine TripMyDream about working with Roman.company

We needed someone to push us forward, so we turned to Roman.

Andrey Burenok

About 7 years ago, when I didn’t know a thing about email marketing, I was at some kind of email marketing conference with my current partner Taras Polishchuk, where Roman Rybalchenko spoke so confidently, no one took a selfie with him yet, but many have already asked questions, and he answered them. Therefore, when I thought ‘I want to learn analytics’, for some reason Roman Rybalchenko, was on top of my mind. I reached him, and he answered me a month or two later: ‘Dear Andrey, hello’, he was somewhere in Bali. And I was surprised, ‘Dear Andrey, hello, I’m so-and-so, very sorry, so-and-so.’ Anyway, after a couple of months, Roman returned to Ukraine and for several months taught analytics two of my teams, Viasat and TripMyDream, and in particular, mentored Taras and me.

The story is, I know that half of my advertising budget is wasted. And the problem is that  I don’t know which half. I believe that if you can’t measure something in our time of digitalization, online marketing and E-commerce businesses in general – button conversion, cost of a client attraction, cost of a client return, LTV of a client – shortly speaking, you need to know the margin of each button on your website and app, and so on.

At the moment when I reached Roman, I had poor knowledge on all of this, because it is not so simple to learn analytics on your own in our time. You need someone who will push you forward. And so I came to Roman for several reasons.

The first one was learning analytics deeper, that is, Google analytics in particular and general approach to analytics.

The second was setting up advanced E-commerce analytics for TripMyDream.

And we did it. Yes, it was difficult, because our model does not imply that we sell anything, but our partners sell. They transmit sales data via certain deep links, Google Analytics, or other web dashboards. This needs to be matched through internal analytics, transferred to GA, and correctly attributed. Therefore, there are a lot of opportunities – we call problems an opportunity.

And third, I wanted to set up a specific analysing process in my team.

Which we started to do since Roman began to teach and help us, in principle. Since then, we started analysing the team. Back then we were just trying E-commerce in Ukraine.

It so happened that Roman’s spouse, Olya, a wonderful, beautiful girl, the kindest girl, she’s very competent with email marketing. We immediately switched our sight to Olya, who helped us set up automation for email marketing and conducted an audit. That automation worked for about a year. Now we have changed it ourselves, but it worked for a long time back then. And we were satisfied with it.

Of course, even if it’s a small agency that fulfills your tasks, any agency always needs to be prompted, but with these guys, it’s a pleasure, they take it normally, not aggressively. 

We worked on these tasks, as far as I remember.

The training that Roman did for us was initially insanely expensive. This is a very expensive thing. I do not regret paying the money, but I think that training is expensive. Today they can be found cheaper. But we took it as two separate corporations, therefore, so I guess it’s an ok price for corporations. If you take it for yourself, face-to-face mentoring, then I think the price could be decreased several times.

How much is this on the market? I have no idea. Now there are a lot of guys who teach successful success, analysed analytics and sales, so I haven’t addressed anyone else yet. There are a lot of such specialists, but, unfortunately, it turns out that I still can’t find a good analyst for my team.

Have you watched the Billions tv series?

No, ok. Then it’s hard for you to understand. There is such a heroine who always asks questions. In our world, when there are billions of answers when you really have billions of data. We have one and a half million visits on the website. We have about a million to one and a half million flight searches per month. Different people come and go. So there is a lot of data: airline tickets, companies, for how much they are looking for. The most important thing is to ask the right questions because there are too many answers. We must learn to ask the right questions. This is the first key factor. The second is to have the necessary tools in order to work with these questions and extract answers from them. That’s it, two things. In order to ask competent questions, you need to understand business logic as well. Many analysts lack the business thinking to figure out ‘Why do we need it?’. Think deeper, fly higher and look at the funnel, a little wider funnel, and a much wider funnel. Like that.

Any agency needs to look at three things, as in any service. The first one is cost. The second one is the quality of work. The third one is time.

In your case, I would look at the time when we were working together. Your cost is fine. The quality of service is higher than decent. I am satisfied with the quality of service. Regarding time, sometimes you take too long to do something. Sometimes you need to be reminded and get into priority.

Firstly, I recommend you anyway. If someone asks me, I say that you taught me at the time. Secondly, the main thing is that I do not condemn you. Believe me, in our time, when there are so many agencies and a lot of specialists, the most important thing is not to receive non-recommendations. It’s already worth it. Nowadays, when a black mirror is present everywhere when one Facebook post can kill a person, kill a business, make a good person an enemy of the state in just one day or two, it’s better not to have condemns. I think it’s enough.

Andrey Burenok,
Founder and CEO TripMyDream

Review: Mac software developers MacPaw about working with Roman.company
Review: Mac software developers MacPaw about working with Roman.company

I can suggest working with Roman.company to those who appreciate their time and need a quick and quality experience.

Kuziv Ivan

We ordered an audit of our email marketing for the reason that we simply didn’t have enough hands to do email marketing, and it was in some half-abandoned state. There were a lot of set up email chains, but even some basic settings, a basic check, whether everything works fine, was simply unnoticeable for us. Therefore, we needed a fresh look, professional, from the outside, to see what does work and what is just poorly set up or is not set up at all.

What I liked, first of all, is when Roman asked Ivan, ‘Are you sure that you need email marketing and audit of email marketing?’ Because when a person is focused on the result, he saw that we actually have a lot more opportunities in the business and there are things, critical things where he could be even more helpful for our business, our company than email marketing. This immediately set us up for such a good cooperation.

The second is that he always collaborated with the guys. This communication didn’t go via me, email marketers worked on our part, and communication was set up really good. They gathered for meetings, they sat and analyzed each case separately, reviewed, double-checked, and such a sufficiently high-quality, lively work was going on. Not as usual, you ordered something, and then after a while you received it, that’s all. Everything was oriented on us, on a client, and we liked it, and we received such a detailed audit. A lot of tips on email marketing besides the audit, from the integrity of the database to prospecting, to checks for spam filters and everything else, and a bunch of tips on other areas where Roman managed to notice what could be improved.

The only and most basic expectation was a fresh look from the professional that we had right and wrong. I think that we got quite an excellent result – definitive, deep, global, and elaborate report. Indeed, there are many basic and simple things that we did not do and even did not know about them, simply because, as we got used to, we thought that everything is always good and it’s hard to do something better. But as it turned out, even the base was far from being completed. That’s why we have something to work on and based on the results of this report a lot of changes have been made and actually continue to be done. Even at the moment, there is still work that is not completed.

Regarding the price of the service, I consider it absolutely honest. First of all, I believe that the main value is Roman’s experience and his approach to work. Therefore, when you receive an audit report, for example, you know that everything is checked there, even more than you would personally do. And this confidence is saving your personal time for some, say, torment or doubt that everything works fine for us, or if it works poorly for us, or that anytime some regular email just wouldn’t be delivered because we didn’t take into account some anti-spam filters or forgot to configure something else. This certainty actually far exceeds any price, since emails are being sent every day, thousands of letters, or even millions during the hot season. So the confidence the night before sending, it costs a lot. We got it and I think it’s cool.

What we didn’t like and what you need to improve?

There is, honestly, something that I didn’t like, but actually … I’ll say right away to the camera. The only thing that maybe I personally didn’t like and that I think not only Roman, but together we could do better is actually communication, because at one time we parted, trusting each other completely, and postponed the question for later. It really was non-priority. What I can advise everyone who orders such services, services from Roman, is to order priority things. Roman was initially right that there were things that were much more important and could help us, and at that time we were not busy with them, that’s why we postponed work with the audit and its results for later. But the audit was done well.

I can advise working with Roman.ua and his team to those who really value their time, those people who need fast and high-quality experience in almost every direction of marketing, since these guys had a lot of projects, experience from the market, not only from our market, and many things that you personally would have to do for months, here you can decide in an hour during coffee or in a week of work. Experience always matters. Do you lack the experience and time? Go to Roman.company.

Kuziv Ivan,
Marketing Team Lead MacPaw

Review: Roman.company helped us make our Google Ads account more effective.
Review: Roman.company helped us make our Google Ads account more effective.

We have a strong in-house expertise in Google Ads, however, we are always striving to improve, to increase our efficiency as well as to bring profit to the company. Sometimes you need an outside perspective to find weaknesses in performance.

That’s why we addressed Roman.company to have a clear professional look at our account and recommend how to make it more effective.

An audit took more time than we had expected initially, but we got a qualitative result at the end. Not only did the recommendations of Roman.company pay off soon, but also they generated profit for our company. Besides, as a bonus, we received several recommendations, not directly connected to the context.

Denis Davydov,
Head of digital marketing at 21vek.by

Review: Thanks for the constructive attitude, experience and useful tips.
Review: Thanks for the constructive attitude, experience and useful tips.

Pleasure to have met Roman.

We had been thinking of conducting a team training in analytics for a long time. The choice of the trainer was obvious, our colleagues’ word of mouth played its role. And we hit the jackpot. Roman developed the course, based on our needs, taking into consideration various levels of GA users: from newbies to pros.

The information was presented in a clear, structured, and brief manner. Not only theoretical points, but also real cases were thoroughly reviewed.

Tests after every unit kept us on our toes. It was bright, lively and innovative. Thanks for the constructive attitude, experience and useful tips.

After the course we got certificates, took photos and plunged into new opportunities. We have more plans to conduct some intensive trainings and ask for Roman’s expert opinion.

I do recommend to listen to Roman Rybalchenko. He’s a real result-oriented professional.

Iryna Vitkova,
Project Manager at Kyivstar

Review: Web analytics course — main points, no waffling.
Review: Web analytics course — main points, no waffling.

Initially, I wanted to master web analytics, be a competent user of the main tools of Google Analytics and Yandex.Metrica. I wanted to get the main points necessary for a web analytics specialist.

But I didn’t find anything decent in the market, there were a lot of options, but mainly basic information or just waffling. I wanted to pump my knowledge; that’s why I addressed Roman.

Having taken the course, I got the essence, the information was well-structured and practical, which was the most valuable criteria. I liked the homework, the information was presented clearly and logically, which I also enjoyed. The main thing – there was no waffling.

As a result, I have become a competent GA and YM user, and have had several revelations about easy methods of getting necessary data from GA.

The most difficult was to understand how to work with spreadsheets. But I am extremely happy that I have learnt this lesson. I have recommended the web analytics course to some of my friends.

Vadym Rymar,
Digital marketer at Digital Stream

Review: How Roman’s tips help increase user retention.
Review: How Roman’s tips help increase user retention.

Roman has scrutinized our business and determined which automatic email chains should be implemented in order to increase funnel conversion rate and user retention. He participated in setting up several email triggers, which brought us substantial commercial results.

Open rate of the emails, which were implemented with Roman’s help, is about 30-40%, click rate is about 2-3%, unsubscribe rate is less than 0.3%.

Here is an example of a successful case of email trigger setup. The chain consists of 5 emails, in which we ask user’s opinion about our service, give them recommendations on how to use our service and offer a discount for the following order. Having implemented such a thread, we have achieved an increase in user retention rate by 18.4%.

We recommend Roman as a highly qualified specialist in email marketing. He understands what business needs, can assess its efficiency and be extremely useful.

Viktor Arabynskiy,
Product manager at Boosta

Review: Roman helped to sort out the analytics in actual projects.
Review: Roman helped to sort out the analytics in actual projects.

Roman, thank you for the meaningful trainings!

Even though I have been working with analytics for 4 years, I have learnt a lot of new and useful information.

I strongly recommend this course both to newbies and skilled specialists in this sphere.
Apart from the course, special thanks for helping to sort out the analytics in actual projects.

Ivashkevich Vadym,
Search Engine Optimization Strategist at Kyivstar

Review: Attention to details and being result-oriented is a competitive advantage of Roman.company.
Review: Attention to details and being result-oriented is a competitive advantage of Roman.company.

We have worked with Roman on increasing the efficiency of email marketing and triggered email chains. I really liked the approach to dealing with tasks. Before suggesting any alterations or improvements, Roman studied the current project structure as a whole and the part in question.

Usually experts like to refer to their successful cases and claim that only their approach works. But with Roman, it was not the same because we all forgot about our successes and failures and concentrated on the specific task in the specific niche with the specific problems. I’m talking about personal approach to every customer and their tasks, rather than just using the practices which can be totally inapplicable with the particular project of a customer.

Having implemented all new features, Roman had been in touch with us for a long time to analyze their efficiency and adjust the strategy.

Among the downsides I can only name the speed of performing tasks. We had extremely tight deadlines and we were trying to solve the problem of the whole marketing department by addressing the specialist. However, it’s quite difficult to get a quick and quality consultation at the same time, as it takes a while to sort everything out. So we opted for quality which Roman managed to provide us with to the fullest.

We were very pleased to work with Roman.company’s team, they are real professionals.

Yevhenii Pyltiai,
Product Manager

Review: The cost of customer acquisition decreased by 3-5 times.
Review: The cost of customer acquisition decreased by 3-5 times.

We had a problem with Google Ads settings, which resulted in a high price of customer acquisition while using contextual advertising. We have made a decision to ask Olga to audit existing campaigns, correct errors and do some additional set-up. The result exceeded all expectations, we reduced advertising costs and started earning more. The cost of customer attraction decreased by 3-5 times compared with the period prior to set-up.
Thanks a lot!

Dmitriy Shevchenko,
Head of online shop Ambershop

Review: In only 2 hours I got so much information, which other info-businessmen give in 2 months.
Review: In only 2 hours I got so much information, which other info-businessmen give in 2 months.

I have asked Roman for personal consultations several times. We got deep into my project and analyzed it from different perspectives.

What I like about Roman is that he is a highly-qualified specialist and is proficient in many types of marketing. This makes it possible for him to analyze the project as a whole, as well as in detail. He follows new trends and instruments on the foreign markets, tests them and helps his clients to implement them.

But what struck me the most, is his ability to deliver information. Our last meeting lasted 2 hours and I got a lot of tips, useful tools and suggestions on improvement. It was clear, up to the point and concise.

The amount of information I got could have been enough for a two-month info-training. But this way, I would have spent much more time passing it, but not implementing the knowledge. That’s why I strongly recommend a consultation format.

Besides, Roman has got a lot of useful contacts, which he shares if necessary. So, all in all, it took us two hours to solve a problem of email newsletters.

Sergiy Sakhnyuk,
Founder of mail forwarding company from USA and Europe USAinUA

Review: What I liked about the course was the feedback for every lesson.
Review: What I liked about the course was the feedback for every lesson.

Actually, I attended only the free promotion course. But it motivated me to look into this issue even further.

What I liked about the course was the feedback for every lesson. I have an online store selling tires, and the course took place off season. However, I got some reaction from potential clients. As well, I sent a newsletter using a partner’s database (co-branding) and got quite the response. Namely, I got a few orders from some corporate clients.

My relatives own a dental office and we started collecting email addresses at their website. We have also sent a few newsletters and run some promotional campaigns. The target audience was small and the interaction wasn’t very successful. But the situation changed when we offered an absolutely free service just before St. Nicholas Day. Thanks to that promotion campaign, we managed to convert 30% of our free customers into regular customers. Moreover, we could get a lot of positive reviews on Google Maps, which increased the level of trust from the audience on the internet.

Sergey Danilchenko,
Private entrepreneur Domkoles

Review: “Roman is an outstanding specialist with deep knowledge of analytics”
Review: “Roman is an outstanding specialist with deep knowledge of analytics”

Roman is an outstanding specialist with deep knowledge of analytics.

With his system of cohort analysis it is easy to calculate the LTV and correct ROI. He knows the best marketing cases from a number of businesses and has his own vision of their implementation.

Roman is also a great teacher, he’s got a deep understanding of e-commerce and email marketing and he easily share his experience.

Juliana Chyzhova,
Marketing Manager, Marketing Team Lead, Skylum (ex. Macphun)

Review: Roman has an eye for detail and is very result-oriented
Review: Roman has an eye for detail and is very result-oriented

Roman has an eye for detail and is very result-oriented, which really captivates you.

We worked on several projects together, and Roman plunged into each of them. Because of such an approach, you can easily understand the return on every investment, you can evaluate what should be improved and what should be just left as is.

In a word, if you are interested in developing your online business, you should at least talk to Roman.

Alex Tsepko, COO at Skylum (ex. Macphun)

Review: Roman tries to improve the business as a whole
Review: Roman tries to improve the business as a whole

At one point our company growth slowed down and we needed a fresh professional view to restore the pace. Roman found our weaknesses and helped to deal with them, managing this process personally or supporting others. Besides, he quickly became part of the team and shared his knowledge.

I’d like to point out that Roman tries to improve the business as a whole. Not only does he evaluate all sources of marketing, develops recommendations and implements them, but he also drills into the business processes of the company and of the products, that are produced and distributed by this company.

I was really happy to have worked with Roman and learned a lot from him. He initiated and implemented some important changes. Some of those changes have already helped our company and the others will soon have their impact.

I would recommend Roman as a high-class result-oriented specialist.

I hope we will have the chance to work in one team.

Illya Babak, Data Analyst at Skylum (ex. MacPhun)

Review: I can recommend Roman with all my heart
Review: I can recommend Roman with all my heart

After our long-term cooperation, I can recommend Roman with all my heart.

He is an interesting personality, a talented, honest, and open-hearted person. He possesses a lot of knowledge and experience in digital marketing. First, we worked as colleagues, then as contractors and implemented a lot of interesting ideas, what I’m grateful for. Currently, we work not only with Roman, but with the whole team of Roman.company. 

We were pleasantly surprised by the marketing specialist Olga Rybalchenko. She is very attentive for details, responsible, systemically approaching the client, and wishing to do more than expected. All in all, a systemic approach is Roman’s religion. So, while working with Roman.company, you will have to accept it and get all the accompanying bonuses.

I wish Roman.company and Intimo a lot of new shared victories!

Vadim Oshkalo, CEO at Intimo

Review: thanks to Roman I got to like web-analytics.
Review: thanks to Roman I got to like web-analytics.

In 2015 I passed the Reloading web-analytics course. To be honest, I haven’t finished it yet. But the knowledge I obtained was enough to get positive results and to write this review.

Before I started the course, I had been actively working in digital marketing for about half a year. I had created landing pages, and I had driven the traffic for clients’ projects. I had enough of the offline experience in promotion, so I got to grips with digital marketing quite quickly. I had done a complex project for the developer. We had achieved good results in sales. And during the winter break, I wanted to analyze what could have been improved.

That’s how I realized that I needed to address the issue of web-analytics. I recollected about Roman, as I had already been subscribed to his newsletter, but I never got around to passing from reading letters to implementing them on practice. I started reading and watching some random materials on the internet. In the end, I decided that I needed a course on systemic knowledge on web-analytics and the possibility to get feedback on the projects.

I recommend starting the course having an actual project, which has at least one type of paid traffic. By the time my classes started, I had had three such projects. To do your home task and to study effectively, you have to receive handouts. Organizers will send them to your postal address.

From the start, Roman tells how such counters as cookies are organized. It helps to understand why Google Analytics can give wrong data in some cases. Next, there was a lot of useful information based on Roman’s hands-on experience. All of these came in handy while I was working on my clients’ projects. Home tasks and tests are very useful; they make you think and get deeper into the material which was covered. I liked not only the level of expertise but the organization of the learning process.

If you don’t possess any knowledge in web-analytics and you have a choice to study using free videos or attend the paid course, I recommend the latter. I don’t want to retell the contents of the course. I will just say that it will be useful for those who start learning web-analytics and intends to improve their web-site and get promotion optimization.

Some downsides:

  • I was passing the course using videos. I usually prefer listening at higher playback speed. But the platform didn’t support such an option. So I had to download the video first, and then listen at my computer.
  • Starting with the second home task it was not that understandable without the handouts. That’s why it’s important to have them as early as possible to avoid pauses in education.

As you can see, all these are minor issues. Other than that, only positive impressions.

And now about some results

Thanks to Roman I got to like web-analytics and started actively learning additional materials, which I was referred to at the course. I went to the Google partner’s seminar and passed an exam on Google Analytics from the first attempt and got quite a high mark, as for the newbie (87% correct answers). I couldn’t contain my happiness.

After that, I started implementing web-analytics in all my projects. From the start, I used counters and set them up correctly. I marked all the traffic using UTM parameters, as Roman had told. As a result, I got a lot of insights, hypotheses, and improvements. For example, in one of the projects, I found out that internet traffic generates 70 % of leads while offline advertising only 30%, even though the advertising budget for offline channels is higher. As a result, we optimized the advertising budget having kept our efficiency.

Clients appreciate it when my recommendations are based not on my subjective opinion, but on accurate web analytics data. In addition to that, I get offers from online stores. And thanks to the knowledge obtained from Roman, I can be useful for this group of clients.

Now I’m moving on and start implementing the projects with cross-cutting web-analytics. Clients not only want to know and improve the quantity, the price of leads and their sources of conversion but also they are interested in seeing the connection between the internet promotion and the sales and profit.

I recommend the course Web analytics. Reloading to everyone working with the websites and pay for their promotion, both to entrepreneurs and internet marketing specialists.

Dostan Mishelov,
Digital marketing specialist of the marketing agency The Client Factory

Review: Roman’s lecture was memorable
Review: Roman’s lecture was memorable

I invited Roman to give a lecture called E-commerce design that sells in the framework of the intensive course on UX-design. I wanted my students to learn about do’s and don’ts of doing projects, to listen to some tips and best practices from one of the best marketing specialists of Ukrainian e-commerce.

What I liked:

  • The way the information was delivered, because Roman is an experienced speaker;
  • The structure of the presentation, all the topics that are important for a designer, were covered;
  • The amount of the information (we worked for 2,5 hours instead of 1,5 which had been planned);
  • The materials were supported by the relevant examples, based on practice.

What I didn’t like:

  • The cost;
  • Lack of conclusions at the end of each section, there was a lot of information, and it would have been easier to put it to practice had there been some brief manual.

At the end of the course, students reviewed Roman’s lecture as one of the catchiest.

I recommend Roman to the clients if they need a quality job done in e-commerce, aimed at concrete results.

Now I can recommend him as a lecturer and a speaker.

Vladimir Smirnov, Creative Director at Aimbulance Agency

Review: Roman’s expertise in e-marketing and Google Analytics is really deep and he knows how to put it into practice.
Review: Roman’s expertise in e-marketing and Google Analytics is really deep and he knows how to put it into practice.

We cooperated with Roman for a long time, he was a responsible and efficient partner, always respecting the commitments, possessing profound knowledge and understanding e-commerce.

His expertise in e-commerce is profound, and most importantly, he knows how to put it into practice and does it effectively.

Roman is not afraid of taking risks, he is very flexible, and you can always find a middle ground with him, even if your points of view have grown apart for any reason.

And finally, as the icing on the cake – Roman knows how to study and likes teaching others, and he does so not exclusively because of money. He always finds the time for personal communication and will pay you as much attention as you need. I think that he spent much more of his time consulting me and explaining certain things to me than was meant within the paid training for our company.

Thank you, Roman! I hope that our cooperation will last for many years.

Ivan Lobov, CIO and Director of Antoshka.ua at RedHead Family Corporation/Europroduct

Review: Roman has generated a great idea of “guerilla marketing” on the spot.
Review: Roman has generated a great idea of “guerilla marketing” on the spot.

I met Roman Rybalchenko for the first time at the SEO conference in Kazan in 2015. We started talking at the pre-party and shared our plans, goals, and approaches to work. Roman was listening attentively, thinking the problem through and explained in simple terms why that had been happening and how we could improve the process.

His tips were handy, and we started implementing them right away.

Roman blew our minds when he generated a great idea of “guerilla marketing” on the spot. The case was tested, and the results exceeded our expectations! Of course, we couldn’t avoid being revealed.

I recommend Roman if you need a fresh eye, new ideas, and recommendations. Most importantly, don’t just listen and nod, but do something.

Dmitrii Udimov, CEO at LTD Topvisor

Review: what I liked the most is the attitude to performing tasks and being ready to dig deeper in any situation
Review: what I liked the most is the attitude to performing tasks and being ready to dig deeper in any situation

I want to thank Olga for her job and for creating an email marketing system for our Indian project Autoportal.com.

What I liked the most is the attitude to performing tasks and being ready to dig deeper to create an optimal letter thread with the best templates.

Having finished integration, Olga gave a 2-hour lecture on using the tool and logic in English.

Andrew Semenyuk, Chief Business Development Officer at Creative Media

Review: Just in 5 minutes, Roman managed to “mend a hole” in the partner program, which constituted 6000$ a year
Review: Just in 5 minutes, Roman managed to “mend a hole” in the partner program, which constituted 6000$ a year

Literally with one leading question Roman managed to “mend a hole” in my partner program, which constituted 6000$ a year.

The thing is that we were paying the affiliates 10% of the commission from our clients’ orders. Those clients were redirected to our site when they were searching for our brand. You will agree that it’s not very wise to pay commission for traffic when the clients are purposefully searching for your website anyway.

It’s hard to imagine how many “skeletons in the closet” Roman will find, having studied our analytics in detail.

Alexander Storozhuk, Founder and director of B2Blogger.com

Review: I recommend Roman.company as true professionals
Review: I recommend Roman.company as true professionals

We cooperated with them for 3 months, working with Promo.ua’s client on email marketing setup.

I want to point out that it was really comfortable to cooperate with Roman.company, because they are professionals. This applies both to performing their work and the cooperation on the project.

As a result, we have fulfilled our plan and we met the deadline. Both we and our client were satisfied with the cooperation.

Thank you, guys, we will be ready to cooperate further! I recommend Roman.company as true professionals.

Aleksander Bogun, Head of development at Promo.ua

Review: In difficult situations I always turn to Roman Rybalchenko
Review: In difficult situations I always turn to Roman Rybalchenko

Nowadays, there is more and more content on web-analytics, and it is sometimes not justified to hire a consultant who possesses so-called sacred knowledge. But it is only partially true.

In difficult situations, I turn to Roman Rybalchenko.

Out of several ways of solving a problem, Roman will always suggest the most efficient one. He was helping us in the transition to Enhanced Ecommerce. He told us about different ways of overcoming Google analytics sampling. As well, he dispelled my illusions about how the calculated metrics are formed in GA.

The main thing is not the information itself but the way it is configured and gradually presented!

Yulia Hansvyarova, Head of Digital Marketing Team at SemRush

Review: Web analytics is one of the best investments in times of crisis
Review: Web analytics is one of the best investments in times of crisis

In 2014 I took two courses on analytics with Roman Rybalchenko. Even for those who had been working in this field for a long time, both courses were useful. And in both cases, you get from the course much more than you expect.

The course Reloading is a must-have for anyone, working with a commercial web-site.

The Deep immersion course is a rare opportunity in our market to improve qualification in web-analytics for those who have been working as a developer, optimizer, context specialist, SMM, or marketing specialist.

When I was looking for a course for myself, I had known Roman as a qualified practicing specialist, and I had studied the course program thoroughly (there is a mind map for every course). All my expectations were more than met.

Checking up the tasks and answering questions

I want to point out that there are control questions to check how you understand the theory, and there is a practical task which you need to do at your own web-site.

Thanks a lot to Roman for detailed comments for the checked tasks and detailed answers to the questions. Not every teacher pays so much attention to his students.

This is, in my opinion, the most valuable thing while taking a course.

What do you have at your disposal after the course?

If you need to get back to any aspects of the course, you will have access to the videos and your written tasks with Roman’s comments in Google Documents. Every course goes with a detailed printed syllabus.

And of course, a certificate.

The Reloading course

This course contains not only basic practical skills on identifying the counters at the web site, their installation and setup, setup of goals, UTM tagging, e-commerce, but also some essential generalizations.

In particular, there is very interesting information about Google Ads account. There is information helping to understand the algorithms used by a counter to identify channels, which lead users to the web site and how the counters work in general.

The material on the business model, on the connection of analytics with general business economics, is really important.

Deep immersion course

In this course, I was pleasantly surprised by the fact that apart from the in-depth study of Google Analytics setup, we looked into A/B testing, and also additional instruments to work with Google Analytics’ data were given.

I would recommend looking at the mind map if you want to understand the syllabus of the course and keep in mind that the course contains much more.

E-mail marketing and SMM

Both courses focused not only on advertising and search but also on tracking email marketing and working in social media, which was very useful.

What do you need to get the most from the course?

For the Reloading course, you will need a website, and it’s advisable to have a running context advertising campaign on the website.

For the course Deep immersion, you will also need a website and a minimum of two different internet advertising campaigns, for example, context and teaser, or context and display network.

In both cases, you will need all the rights to install and setup Google Analytics and Yandex.Metriсa.

You will perform all practical tasks and get the first results on this real project.

Why do we need to master web analytics now?

All the spheres of digital marketing are developing rapidly. SEO is becoming more complicated, prices and competition in contextual advertising are increasing; the role of simultaneous usage of various ways of promotion is rising.

Web analytics allows you to see in which sphere of digital marketing the money is spent in vain.

In my opinion, analytics is the best investment in times of crisis.

Erokhova Elena,
Digital marketing specialist at Erokhova.com

Review: Conversion rate into the doctor’s appointments increased by 1.6 times
Review: Conversion rate into the doctor’s appointments increased by 1.6 times

I decided to cooperate with Roman because I had heard him speak at the seminars. I realized he had a proper set of skills and hands-on experience in solving similar tasks.

We needed to increase the conversion rate on the website. Roman conducted an audit, and while the changes were being made, I received prompt responses and constant feedback.

After the implementation of those changes, the conversion rate into applications increased by 3.2 times. And conversion rate into the doctor’s appointments increased by 1.6 times.

I recommend Roman.company to all the people who don’t want to waste their time. And to those who want to find working solutions through trial and error.

Viacheslav Bykovskii, CEO at Infodoctor.by

Review: I’ve been so inspired after Roman’s training!
Review: I’ve been so inspired after Roman’s training!

I am really satisfied with Roman’s course because I have substantially improved my knowledge.

I have connected the dots: R programming language, working with summary spreadsheets, working with API. These were the spheres I was not so good at, had difficulties understanding them. But now I can work with these myself and teach others. Thus, I have simplified the processes in my company.

I have obtained a lot of instruments, books and blogs recommendations. It will take me the whole year to read and learn.

And inspiration! After Roman’s training, I felt incredibly inspired for 2 days! I like Roman a lot. He is a very brainy guy, and yet humble at the same time. Thanks for sharing the information!

Liudmila Poberezhnaia, Web analyst at Prom.ua

Review: I feel that 1 seminar is just not enough. I will keep on cooperating
Review: I feel that 1 seminar is just not enough. I will keep on cooperating

I attended Roman’s workshop at the conference Business internet in Minsk in October 2014. I am grateful to the organizers for having invited him.

I liked the workshop a lot: it was consistent, in-depth, productive, brief, yet easy-to-understand.

In 3,5 hours (with coffee breaks), Roman managed to explain to the audience how to build Efficient (with the capital letter) “ground” for analytics, and also he answered the questions of the newbies as well as the experts in digital marketing.

Roman is a great trainer, and he proved to be a real expert, teaching how to put the knowledge into practice, not just theory.

As for me, one workshop is not enough. I will continue to work with him remotely.

I recommend everyone who works in digital marketing and e-commerce to attend his workshops or consultations. The result will be rapid if you apply Roman’s tips into practice.

Igor Slizen, Head of marketing at the online hypermarket 21vek.by.

Review: I have saved ~50$ in a week! Roman is always a good deal
Review: I have saved ~50$ in a week! Roman is always a good deal

As a result of the work on my project during the web analytics course, I can say that I have saved about 50$ on advertising only in the last week having cut off 2 inefficient sources. What if we sum it up for a year?

This would be 50 * 52 = 2 600 USD saved in a year.

If you see Roman, just grab him and run away with him, whether it would be his speeches or seminars. Roman is always a good deal.

Aleksandr Fedianin, Entrepreneur, owner at Gra.ua.

Review: Consultation paid off in 3 weeks!
Review: Consultation paid off in 3 weeks!

Having implemented some changes after the audit, we managed to optimize:

  1. Our budget (with the same budget we could get 8% more clicks in the first month, and 12% more clicks in the second month).
  2. Reduce CPC (in particular by correcting placements, keywords, and ad goals). In general, CTR raised by 6-12%.

Important: we managed to promptly correct all the missed steps in our goals setup!

As a result of the usability audit, we have increased qualitative website indicators (time spent per visit, interaction with social networks, etc.)

In general, the audit allowed us to assess our “state of affairs” in a speedy and complex manner both in AdWords and in some of the usability parameters of the website and newsletter.

The benefits of the partnership:

  1. I will put this even before (!) cost optimization – saving time on our own thorny path of trial and error. Instead of studying some issues, the consultation helped us look at them in a more concentrated, systemic, and prompt way, as well as correct them.
  2. Budget optimization.

Big thanks personally from me for the quality education! And a big thanks from our company for increasing the budget efficiency.

Elena Krasulenko, Digital marketing specialist at Redpoint

Review: we have obtained some truly unexpected results
Review: we have obtained some truly unexpected results

Review: we have obtained some truly unexpected results.

My name is Liliia Gorelaia. I am the managing partner of the marketing group OS-direct. And I am the person who has recently taken a course in web-analytics from Roman Rybalchenko.

I have already implemented the knowledge I got at the course in some of my personal projects and some of my clients’ projects, having obtained some truly unexpected results.

Why did I take this course? Because I understand that the future of sales lies within the modern methods of digital promotion and web analytics. Since OS-Direct works with clients from the sphere of remote sales and e-commerce, we must understand how our clients do their business. The course lets us do that. This course lets us master such skills.

It is also good that the course is designed in such a way that you don’t have a chance of not getting to grips with quite complicated and specialized materials.

That is because of the homework. As well, a lot of the time is dedicated to discussing the home tasks and answering the questions which arose while you had been doing it. There are tests as well, and you want to pass with the flying colors, or at least pass it decently well. And, even though you don’t have enough time to revise the material or study it, you do it, you get to grips with it. This is really a good motive for getting deeper into this topic.

I know for sure that at every consequent course, there will be an employee from OS-Direct. These are account managers, strategic specialists, and creative specialists because they need to understand modern sales methods and our clients’ businesses better.

I don’t hesitate to recommend this course and urge you to join the next groups!

Thank you, Roman, for the knowledge you gave my team and me! Thanks a lot!

Liliia Gorelaia, Managing director at OS-Direct. The creator of the project Voice Workshop, and MudroEda studio.

Review: In 5 months, we managed to increase the funnel between the 1st and the 2nd order by 8%. We are expecting 20% in a year
Review: In 5 months, we managed to increase the funnel between the 1st and the 2nd order by 8%. We are expecting 20% in a year

We began communicating with Roman after one of the conferences. I think it was iForum about 2 years ago.

During our chat in the lobby, I unintendedly got him involved in my current problems. I had to redistribute my marketing budget to retain old clients and attract new ones. At one point, I got stuck in the dead end. And then, I met Roman, and he showed me cohort analysis. We got so engrossed in the process that it was 6 in the morning before we knew it. And my problem was solved.

After that, I occasionally started engaging Roman in difficult analytical tasks. One of the tasks, which we solved in March 2013 was the analysis of repeat orders. We could break down the client database into a more complex funnel and find some narrow spots between the 1st and the 2nd order, the 2nd and the 3rd, and so on. Having conducted a deep analysis, we drew a detailed plan, consisting of 12 points, but I managed to achieve the bigger part of it in 2 months.

As a result – after 5 months we managed to increase the funnel between the 1st and the 2nd order by 8%. The forecasted result for a year is about 20%, because the plan is implemented gradually and brings its fruit in the long run.

UPD. We managed to obtain +42% by the end of the year.

Evgenii Sokolnikov, The founder and the head of the internet store Sokol.ua.

Review: I implemented 7 tips, and the turnover increased by 20%!
Review: I implemented 7 tips, and the turnover increased by 20%!

I listened to workshops at Shoplist event and ordered a consulting session. Roman gave a lot of useful tips, which you can’t find in the books.

I implemented 7 tips, and the turnover increased by 20%!

I saved a lot of time because I learned what I hadn’t needed to do. I got a lot of useful links to get books and other resources. I keep on studying.

If you are planning on starting your business, order a consulting session, this will save you money, effort, and time. If you have an existing project, order a consulting session, and improve your results.

Investments into Roman’s services are highly profitable.

Andrei Plotnikov, The owner of Megas.com.ua.
+38 (057) 766-05-05

Review: He can teach you how to put your knowledge into practice, not just theory
Review: He can teach you how to put your knowledge into practice, not just theory

Having passed Roman’s training on Web analytics and contextual ads, I have learned a lot and keep putting my knowledge into practice. A highly professional approach and being result-oriented, that is absorbing the information by the listeners, brought the fruit not only in my work but also in the work of our employees, who also took part in the training.

I can recommend Roman as a professional trainer who can teach you how to put your knowledge into practice, not just theory.

Sergei Rogozenko, Managing director of SeoMarket.

Review: Roman pointed at some mistakes in the specialists’ work, which saved us 1000$
Review: Roman pointed at some mistakes in the specialists’ work, which saved us 1000$

Roman conducted great training on contextual advertising for the specialists of the company SeoMarket. During the training, he pointed at the mistakes in managing the accounts, which in some cases saved the company’s clients about 1000$.

We thoroughly looked into the automation process of the work in Google Ads and Yandex.Direct. After that, apart from the standard functions of Google Ads API, employees started using pivot tables in Excel.

During the training, Roman shared a lot of different instruments, which can be used in work for a long time (for example, we looked into different options of phone tracking, etc.) The training lasted for two days in a very informal atmosphere, following a detailed plan.

I recommend him as a great trainer in digital marketing. If you think that you know everything, just enroll in his training, and you will see that it’s not like that.

Kiprik Sergei, Director of development at SeoMarket.

Review: After the workshop the world of contextual advertising got much larger for me
Review: After the workshop the world of contextual advertising got much larger for me

To tell the truth, I didn’t know Roman at all, and treated him quite skeptically, taking into account his age. But after the workshop that he conducted at the conference, I changed my opinion about him, surely, for the better.

I can just say thank you to Roman Rybalchenko. After the workshop, the world of contextual advertising got much larger for me. I looked differently at familiar things, and new knowledge got deep in my brain, which will boost me greatly as a specialist in contextual ads.

So, what did I learn? Here are some main things:

  • Secrets of high CTR
  • What quality score is
  • About two schools of contextual ads
  • Alfa and Beta companies
  • I got a weekly checklist for the specialist in contextual ads
  • And some new facts about Yandex and Google

The speech that lasted an hour and a half passed very quickly and easily, thanks to many useful and pleasant things for the brain.

Sergei Sirenko, Digital marketing specialist at Dominion.

Review: All 9 (!) hours passed in the blink of an eye
Review: All 9 (!) hours passed in the blink of an eye

Our friendly team of digital marketing specialists from NitraLabs invited Roman Rybalchenko to conduct a training in Kharkiv to increase the level of our professional knowledge and its application while developing and analyzing marketing campaigns.

It was the second training which Roman made for our company. I am sure that no one regretted spending their time on such an informative discussion.

All the 9 (!) hours of the training passed in the blink of an eye. In fact, not a single question remained unanswered. Tons of new ideas, tons of interesting tasks, which can be applied – everything was recorded and some of these ideas have already been put into practice. 

Thanks a lot to Roman for the training, we are really satisfied. Hope for future cooperation.

Svetlana Barcho, Digital marketing specialist at Nitramarketing.com

Review: My attitude was slightly skeptical…but then Roman started speaking and my opinion changed
Review: My attitude was slightly skeptical…but then Roman started speaking and my opinion changed

I was lucky to be present at Roman’s training in Web analytics. To be honest, my attitude was slightly skeptical up until the start. But then Roman started speaking, and my opinion changed.

Before the training, I set some goals, what I want to change and be able to do afterward. Not only did I reach my goal (now I have to apply it, but this depends on me entirely), but I also received tons of useful information. That is a pleasant bonus!

In the future, I will attend your training with pleasure, Roman!

Yulia Yatsenko, Nitramarketing.com

Review: We already got conversion twice as much as we used to
Review: We already got conversion twice as much as we used to

I had a simple goal to increase sales in the internet shop. I had been working at the shop for more than a year. I reached good results, I never had failure months, and we started getting a small income.

I have a simple rule to learn from people who know more than I do. I try to find a specialist who has worked in the sphere that interests me, and who showed good results. Roman met my requirements: he had worked in digital marketing for quite a long time; he was constantly mastering new skills. He was the speaker at the seminars and conferences (he could communicate well and was able to explain any material in simple terms).

During the consultation, a lot of things remained unclear, but Roman explained everything in detail and showed me the examples of what I needed to do. Roman answered all my questions as well as the questions of the co-owner and manager of the shop.

Roman tells you directly if he doesn’t know whether this or that thing can help you. In the consultations, it is important to be honest.

After a 90-minute-consultation, we managed to find solutions for 20 problems. The majority of them have already been implemented. All the implemented recommendations do work. Our road map is composed till the end of the year. This is something that needs to be done if you want to increase sales. We already have conversion twice as much as we used to. In our sphere, it is important to be quick in your development.

I recommend consulting Roman if you are experiencing problems with internet sales. The most important thing is not to forget a notepad and a pen (or better a recorder). You will have to make a lot of notes.

Anton Rozhkov, Co-owner of internet shop Manidea.ru

Review: Context advertising pays off much better
Review: Context advertising pays off much better

I have been working in digital marketing since 2006, maybe not as actively as others, but I am quite experienced. My experience is measured by my working practice and the attended trainings. I have had 3 online stores, 10 more or less successful internet projects.

What I liked about Roman’s training:

  1. The information is brief and qualitative. It’s very useful and up to a point. I listened to it 6 times, and every time there was something new. Some conferences give you less information in one day. 
  2. I have added data for the internet stores in Yandex.Metrica and Google Analytics. After one month, I increased income thanks to contextual advertising. I haven’t added phone tracking yet, but I can see from the orders, where they are coming from, what was being browsed. The result is visible, and contextual advertising pays off much better.
  3. Context advertising is our future. The number of items sold is increasing, their descriptions are not unique, so the only way for the shop to work is through context.

In general, there is growth. I am grateful to Roman.

Evgenii Kravchenko, CEO at  Avtoshara.kiev.ua

Review: Thanks for the knowledge!
Review: Thanks for the knowledge!

I have attended the training on Google Analytics:

– I have found out that in Google Analytics the time spent at the website is calculated incorrectly and I will never make any conclusions based on this data;

– I have found out that the bounce rate in GA is also calculated in its peculiar way, and you should always take it into account while creating custom reports.

– I have found out how to put tags in GA to track statistics within this or that communication.

I want to point out the way the information was delivered by the speaker, it was very dynamic; the time was distributed in the right way, taking into account the level of perception. 

Dmitrii Romaniukha, Senior digital manager at Liquid7

Review: In the last 4 years there were only so many interesting and useful training. I already know how to sell it to the client
Review: In the last 4 years there were only so many interesting and useful training. I already know how to sell it to the client

My name is Oksana Gorbach, I am the Director of business development at Liquid7, which is a part of Atlantic Group. 

We listened to the training on Web analytics: basic level. I have received a lot of knowledge. And I wanted to thank Roman for conducting such training. I have worked in the company for 4 years, and in these 4 years there were only so many interesting and useful training. I had a few ‘aha’ moments when I thought to myself: ‘I know how to sell it to the client’. 

The most important information was how to use such instruments as Google Analytics and Yandex.Metrica. The biggest revelation for me was goals in GA, and some of the things Yandex.Metrica can do, such as tracking clicks, tracking what people look at, where they click and so on. We haven’t used that. 

So, now I know how I can sell it to the client, how it can help me sell myself and my agency. Thanks a lot.

And additionally on LinkedIn:
Roman is a great professional. Roman’s course on web analytics was very useful — I knew immediately how would it help me to increase efficiency of my clients’ businesses. I recommend Roman as trainer to any organization.

Oksana Gorbach, Director of business development in Liquid7

Review: now I know where Google “makes a fool” out of me and why I shouldn’t trust all the data in analytics
Review: now I know where Google “makes a fool” out of me and why I shouldn’t trust all the data in analytics

Hello. My name is Andrew Pyasetskiy. I’m the network manager in Prom.ua company.

Here are three things which this training taught me.

First of all, and fortunately, I have learned to save a lot of notes in Evernote. Thank you, Roman.

Secondly, now I know where Google “makes a fool” out of me and why I shouldn’t trust all the data in analytics.

And thirdly, now I know what you did on my web site last summer.

Andrei Piasetskii, Network manager in Prom.ua

Review: Roman told us about many interesting things, which one could find out only having dug through tons of forums and literature
Review: Roman told us about many interesting things, which one could find out only having dug through tons of forums and literature

Some interesting take-aways:

–        Using Excel in PPC campaigns

–       I’ve learned about how to befriend Google and Metrika, average session duration, and Bounce rate. All in all, there were a lot of ‘revelations’.

–        It was very interesting to learn about the domain karma

–       Setting up your campaign with the help of two accounts Alfa and Beta

In general, the material was presented in a very clear way. It was really useful for the specialists, working with GA because Roman told us about many interesting things, which one could find out only having dug through tons of forums and literature. And also by means of taking some knocks. Roman, thank you for your effort and experience.

Krasnova Olga,
Contextual advertising manager. All-Ukrainian internet shopping centre Prom.ua

Review: Roman has helped with some great ideas on how to launch advertising campaigns
Review: Roman has helped with some great ideas on how to launch advertising campaigns

Hello everyone. My name is Dima, and I am the head of the contextual advertising department. I have just listened to Roman’s training and have taken out a lot of useful things.

Firstly, our agency is unusual in a way that we work with small budgets. Roman has helped with some great ideas on how to launch advertising campaigns.

As well, he suggested some instruments to use in our work.

Also, I got a lot of interesting information, everything concerning Analytics and how to work with it, what kind of filters there are and which goals and conversions we can set up.

Thank you, Roman.

Dmitrii Semenovskii,
Head of the group in the context advertising department at LLC Uaprom, Prom.ua and Tiu.ru portals

Review: Roman shared a lot of materials. My colleagues were inspired and now they are reading western materials on web analytics
Review: Roman shared a lot of materials. My colleagues were inspired and now they are reading western materials on web analytics

Hi everyone. My name is Oksana Zhuravel, and I’m the marketing director of the portal Prom.ua.

We invited Roman Rybalchenko as a trainer to give the training on Google Analytics for my department. It was necessary because there were a lot of employees from offline, they were of different specialties, of different professional backgrounds. Our main goal was to structure their basic knowledge of Google Analytics, analytics in general, and even more.

In general, I think that the training was very useful for all the employees. For some of them, it was a revelation in terms of basic technical issues. Other marketing specialists found something new as well. Everybody managed to sort out their knowledge about some technical issues. We found out a lot of new stuff about tracking events, tracking page view, and understood the difference between them. Associated conversions in Yandex.Metrica were also really useful and interesting.

Roman’s workshops are fun, lively, and unusual. Of course, he constantly deviates from the topic, but it helps to keep people on their feet, keep them awake, attract their attention to certain things. And finally, Roman gave us a lot of reference material and links to other resources, interesting foreign blogs, which we can read and go deeper into web analytics and internet marketing. My colleagues were inspired after that and they are reading those resources and find out a lot of interesting and useful information.

So, thanks a lot, Roman. We are happy and wish him all the best in the future.

Oksana Zhuravel,

Marketing director at Prom.ua

Review: My understanding of working with Analytics was turned upside down
Review: My understanding of working with Analytics was turned upside down

Hi, my name is Artem. I am the head of the contextual advertising group at Prom.ua. I work with the Russian sector, Tiu.ru. I have passed Roman’s training on contextual advertising and would like to thank him because I’ve taken out some cool and interesting things for myself.

Most importantly, I’ve confirmed my idea of working with small budgets; I’ve made sure that my way of thinking was right.

Secondly, my understanding of working with Analytics was turned upside down, and now I will be perfecting that knowledge.

I also wanted to add that I had some fresh new ideas on working not only with contextual advertising but also with people. I realized which direction I should follow. The training inspired some interesting insights concerning future growth. Thank you, Roman.

It’s a great workshop. I’m happy about the results. I had answers to my questions, plus I had some new ones. I had the urge to have more experiments with campaigns. Special thanks for the URL link editor. Now I always use it in Yandex. Now I take a lot of parameters into account, and I think the result won’t take long.

P.S. Now, I know for sure that digital advertising is my calling! Thanks a lot.

Artem Golovatyi,
Head of section in the contextual advertising department of LLC Uaprom, Prom.ua and Tiu.ru portals.

Review: I attended the beginner level course from OWOX and I have something to compare it to
Review: I attended the beginner level course from OWOX and I have something to compare it to

Hello everyone. My name is Mariia. I work at Prom.ua, and I have been working in digital marketing for about nine months. Roman’s training was beneficial for me because I have something to compare it to. I attended a beginner level course from OWOX, and I know what they teach at those workshops. So, I’d like to tell you about the differences between the two and which useful things I learned in both places.

At the OWOX workshop, I visited all the sections in Google Analytics and realized that my level was a beginner. The workshop was quite superficial. It’s rather deep in GA, but far from real application in life.

Roman proposes not only interesting knowledge but also ideas in marketing for further work. That’s why everything is very true to life. You really understand why you need to calculate things and how you will be implementing it, how to conduct A/B testing, how to track various conversions, and so on so forth. I will not enumerate everything. You will find it out when you attend this workshop in person.

What else can I say? Thanks a lot. And one bonus – in the end, you will get a certificate of an expert level, like I did.

I’m really satisfied with the workshop on analytics. Now my knowledge is structured and enriched.

In a nutshell. Three useful things I’d like to point out after the workshop:

– I have finally understood the difference between TrackEvent and TrackPageView

– I’m not afraid of setting up new goals

– I know how to create necessary reports

Pros: lively, accessible, useful in practice, all the information is presented with regard to the marketing tasks, which we need to solve daily, a lot of fresh ideas for work, the desire to implement all the attained knowledge right after the workshop. I strongly recommend it.

Mariia Popko, Head of marketing direction for customers at Prom.ua

Review: as a result of the meeting I managed to obtain new useful information and get the evaluation of my work
Review: as a result of the meeting I managed to obtain new useful information and get the evaluation of my work

Training: Google Analytics and Google Ads for context advertising specialists.

Studying has brought some chaos into my head, which I will have to structure and combine my existing knowledge with the newly acquired. Consequently, it will add up to 20% of new ideas and new ways to implement new useful and practical solutions.

During all the years of my work in digital marketing, this is one of the few cases when I managed to get new and useful information at the meeting and get an evaluation of my work.

I’d like to point out the usefulness of some ideas for my future work:

– display of the paid traffic in Analytics from Direct

– automation of account creation

– account structure, budget share

Communication with Roman became a catalyst that made all the things lying at the surface clear and made them necessary to be used and implemented. Thanks, Roman!

Vozniuk Aleksei,
Head of the context advertising department at Uaprom LLC, Prom.ua portals, Tiu.ru. Certified Google AdWords and Yandex.Direct specialist

Review: I have finally realized not only how to use Analytics, but also how to apply this knowledge in practice
Review: I have finally realized not only how to use Analytics, but also how to apply this knowledge in practice

I have attended Roman’s training Web-analytics 301. Expert level. I liked that the information was presented in an interesting, clear, understandable, and well-structured way. I finally understood not only how to use Analytics, but also how to apply this knowledge into practice.

Roman showed how to set up the codes at the website according to our tasks, and we found out some problems in the existing calculation of statistics. And as a bonus, I got to know a lot of interesting features in Analytics and Excel to optimize my work. Thanks! Strongly recommend.

Mariia Kudinova,
Internet marketing specialist, Prom.ua

Review: In easy terms Roman speaks about things that really work
Review: In easy terms Roman speaks about things that really work

We were inspired to attend this workshop by the need to create a new website, although we were quite satisfied with our old one. The thing is, the same tips that Roman had given us had to help us improve our old website.

I think we will still pursue the idea of creating a new site, but we will take into account all the recommendations, good and useful tips. The workshop was practical, and we found out something that can help us occupy a certain niche in the market and help our site become better.

For example, the most useful thing for me was the part about context advertising, presented in a detailed way. In my own experience, I’m aware that this segment of advertising is the most underrated. Since many people are really into banner advertising. it’s still doubtful how effective it is. I liked how Roman spoke about that. I realized that there is an unsaturated market, which doesn’t cost a lot for the organization, but can bring beneficial results. And this is where we are currently heading to.

I was pleased by the fact that Roman possesses a lot of hands-on experience, and it shows. All of his tips are valuable. They are backed up by his experience and real-life examples, which he showed online. And those people from the examples are successful. In easy terms, Roman speaks about things that really work.

Ivan Komarovskii, Head of sales channels development department of Belorussian national bank.

(Ivan configured the work of the call-center to bring victory to his bank in the competition “Polite banks” in 2012)

Review: I have changed my perspective on many things. I’m certain that it will have a practical impact
Review: I have changed my perspective on many things. I’m certain that it will have a practical impact

The training was quite interesting, even though part of the information was familiar to me. A lot of the presented aspects gave me food for thought. I would like to thank you, Roman, first of all, for the exciting workshop. I have changed my perspective on many things. I’m certain that it will have a practical impact.

It was not only useful but also pleasant to talk to you. Your friendly and open manner of conducting the training appeals to me. Besides, I’d like to thank the organizers and participants of this event.

For me, training became an incentive to start a new stage in my professional life. I particularly enjoyed context advertising. I have never paid the necessary attention to this issue.

I will definitely take all the remarks into account, and I’m confident that it will benefit the company which I represent.

Sholomitskii Artem, Marketing specialist at LLC MirKli

Review: Thanks for the training, new knowledge, and useful tips!
Review: Thanks for the training, new knowledge, and useful tips!

Having attended the training, I got new knowledge on how to effectively conduct campaigns in the segment of internet shops.

The information was presented in an easy and brief way.

The most important topics for me were discussed at the training:

–        How to manage your project successfully;

–        How to increase ROI implementing projects on the internet;

–        How to set up a context advertising campaign correctly and how to conduct its audit;

Thanks for the training, new knowledge, and useful tips!

Sergei Kolesnikov, AITI/Carat Digital Manager

Review: we shouldn’t be afraid of experimenting and trying out new advertising strategies
Review: we shouldn’t be afraid of experimenting and trying out new advertising strategies

Roman is really brainy! At the training, he showed that we shouldn’t be afraid of experimenting and trying out new advertising strategies. His way of delivering information and his personal approach really appealed to me. I’m confident that the knowledge I got will help me to create an effective advertising campaign. Thanks!

Alnikova Svetlana, Independent internet marketing specialist

Review: I have upgraded to the next level of internet marketing!
Review: I have upgraded to the next level of internet marketing!

The information was presented in a clear and accurate yet interesting way. I liked the fact that there were lots of examples from practice. I started implementing knowledge. I have upgraded to the next level of internet marketing!

Vladimir Sobolev, Marketing specialist of internet shop Rezina.CC

Review: I was trying to make notes and have got 42 questions in the notebook
Review: I was trying to make notes and have got 42 questions in the notebook

What I liked: in general, I was always interested in analyzing the efficiency of this or that business process. The current training helped me evaluate those things in quantitative terms, which were measured like “good” or “bad”. Now I know what is good or bad and how good or bad that is.

I have written out 40 points of the things I need to implement. These are some general issues and some minor issues which are nonetheless important. With the help of new knowledge and skills of using the analytics instruments, we managed to identify that some traffic sellers were not diligent enough.

Application of the knowledge: I gave out the tasks to programmers and marketing specialists the following day after the training.

Time of implementation: 5 weeks (general changes).

Result: the conversion rate increased by 28%.

Daniil Mikitchenko, CEO of internet shop Rezina.CC.

Review: I have found out how to determine untargeted of junk traffic in lay terms
Review: I have found out how to determine untargeted of junk traffic in lay terms

My name is Kirill. I work in NitraMarketing company as a web-analyst. I was honored to have been invited to Roman Rybalchenko’s workshop.

Thus, it was very interesting and informative. I have found out and discovered a lot of new things. But I’d like to point out something that really struck me. I saw, and it was shown in lay terms how you could determine the source of untargeted junk traffic, which is full of spam. I really liked it because this procedure was easy, tried, and tested.

Also, I was impressed by another approach, which is far from mine, far from what I’m used to seeing, being a young specialist, but I realized how I could use it in my work.

And it is handy because you not only grow in one sphere, but other experienced people show you how your work can be done differently.

I also liked the fact that I was shown other instruments, which can help me improve my work.

In general, I enjoyed the informal attitude, friendly conversation. I think that such an approach can bring good results, and you should continue working in the same way.


Kirill Shcherbinin, Web-analyst at NitraMarketing

Review: Apart from us and our client nobody sees our advertising campaign. We don’t have an external viewpoint. We don’t have anyone to talk to. And here is the opportunity!
Review: Apart from us and our client nobody sees our advertising campaign. We don’t have an external viewpoint. We don’t have anyone to talk to. And here is the opportunity!

My name is Ventskovskaya Anna, and I’m the head of “NitraMarketing” company. We requested Roman Rybalchenko to give us the training together with our client.

The training’s main task was to improve and increase the efficiency of our client’s advertising campaign, increase conversion rate, and discuss new strategies for developing our client’s internet advertising. Apart from our client and us, client nobody sees our advertising campaign. We don’t have an external viewpoint. We don’t have anyone to talk to. If you communicate with your competitor, it is usually limited to simple “Hello” and “Goodbye”.

And here is the opportunity to look into a particular advertising campaign, to see what works and how it works and how to track efficiency.

I’d like to say that I was very glad to meet you, we had a fruitful communication. I have concluded that such workshops and such communication inspire you to keep on working, have new ideas and new thoughts, and update everything you have.

Again, with Roman’s help, we can look from the outside and discuss some drawbacks, which we had missed. We can also discuss new development paths, ways of increasing conversion rate, ways of increasing our customer’s average check, bringing the customer back to make a repeat purchase, and getting the most from the money invested in advertising.

There are plenty of ideas, incredible energy boost, and a lot of new methods, which we are planning to implement in the nearest future.

Respect! Thanks!

Anna Ventskovskaya, Head of NitraMarketing

Review: I would rate the workshop 11 points out of 12…
Review: I would rate the workshop 11 points out of 12…

I liked almost everything: how the training was organized, how intensive it was, the worthiness of the knowledge we got, and the feedback for all the participants during the workshop. In my opinion, the delivery should be simplified a little, because at times it was rather difficult to absorb the information, as it just didn’t seem logical enough, or the lecturer, being an extremely intelligent person, presented the material in a very complex way.

But it didn’t prevent us from getting a great deal of knowledge, 70% of which I will be applying into practice and the other 30% was just useful for broadening the outlook, and understanding the whole picture. Roman, thanks a lot. If we were at school, I would rate the workshop 11 points out of 12.

Darya Cherkashyna, Head of marketing at Fame.ua

Review: trade show attendance rate increased by 10 to 60%
Review: trade show attendance rate increased by 10 to 60%

Roman conducted consulting sessions on two trade show projects, such as REX (advertising and marketing trade show) and MaRGo store (trade technology and equipment). There was a necessity to have consulting sessions as our advertising budgets were reallocated in favor of internet promotion. We needed to evaluate the efficiency of the resources involved and improve result tracking methods. As a result of the consulting, we received some specific recommendations on optimizing our advertising budgets, tracking the results, and some tips on enhancing certain instruments.

Some of the recommendations have already been taken into consideration, and the results can be seen in context advertising. For example, the efficiency of search words increased; in some cases, the figure rises to 10.

More specific results became visible and were assessed when the advertising campaign had been over. Trade show attendance rate increased by 10 to 60%.

In any case, consulting sessions were useful and constructive for us. To some extent, we confirmed that our “intuitive” decisions had been right, and we paid attention to the recourses which had remained unexploited or partially used. The professional look “from outside” helps to see the general project picture better and coordinate the efforts to achieve the set goals.

Oksana Onoprienko, Marketing specialist of the company Euroindex

Review: great digital marketing specialist
Review: great digital marketing specialist

Roman is a great digital marketing specialist. With his help, I managed to sort out many aspects of the work of Google, in particular Google Analytics and Google Ads. As well, he assisted in creating the Performance tracking schemes for advertising campaigns.

Pavel Lysenko, Marketing specialist of the company Euroindex

Review: Roman is an expert in his business, he likes it and does his best
Review: Roman is an expert in his business, he likes it and does his best

I have known Roman for many years. I couldn’t accept his idea of proactive selfPR. I was often irritated by it. But later, I realized one simple fact, that in such know-how as web-analytics and so on, especially in Ukraine, you should use all possible civilized means to succeed.

Because the market is not saturated, there are not many experts, and every other person claims to be an analyst. Such ‘connoisseurs’ cast tons of bullshit information on their clients, and the latter take it for granted. Roman is a real expert in his business. He likes it and does his best. If he doesn’t promote himself aggressively enough, his place may be taken by some self-proclaimed experts, not being able to help the client but capable of discrediting the whole industry. We know of similar examples in related areas, e.g., SEO.

If Roman’s colleagues have some decent projects, Rybalchenko develops the market, educates people, forms a particular culture, and considers professional principles.

Taras Malanchuk, Digital marketing specialist

Review: Roman turned out to be more mature and grown-up than many other older colleagues
Review: Roman turned out to be more mature and grown-up than many other older colleagues

I attended Roman Rybalchenko’s training in the Profit center. It was the course in internet marketing, which lasted for two months and consisted of several blocks. According to the program, Roman taught SMM and Google Analytics.

I initially thought that Roman was a young man who was proficient only in some internet marketing instruments, that’s all. He was a young 22-year-old man, and I couldn’t believe he was experienced enough.

But I was mistaken. He was the only trainer at the course who:

1)     Gave us and explained to us more than the program required.

2)     Showed not only his proficiency as an internet marketing specialist but as a good speaker and trainer. He introduced himself, explained “why him”, handed out his business cards (you might think it’s not important, but sometimes if you want to continue cooperation with a person and he can’t even leave you his contact information…). He watched the timing, was well-spoken, and was able to feel the audience.

Kateryna Orlova, advertising and marketing manager in Plastics-Ukraine.

Review: I have already been able to implement most of the knowledge
Review: I have already been able to implement most of the knowledge

I had an opportunity to attend several Roman’s trainings on the following subjects: SMM, Email Marketing, Personal Branding, Google Analytics.

Those topics were grouped into three pieces of training, and Roman was probably the only trainer who finished his speech on time, having presented all the planned material and having answered all the questions.

The knowledge I got at his training has improved my expertise in those spheres and, most importantly, has led to real actions: I have been able to implement most of the knowledge I got at the lessons, in contrast with other trainers from the same course.

Roman Yakobchuk, the owner of the fire theatre Sher-Khan

Review: It was the best master-class I had ever been at
Review: It was the best master-class I had ever been at

We had a master-class about the Design of the e-shop from a marketing point of view. It was the best master-class I had ever been to.

Roman told us many new and useful things. Much of them were always lying on the surface unnoticed.

Thank you.

Dasha Vasilyeva, designer.

Review: I’m really delighted by the workshop
Review: I’m really delighted by the workshop

I’m delighted by the workshop. I’d like to point out some aspects:

1) Experience, knowledge and skills in the context of our sphere, i.e., design, which we are engaged in.

2) High level of preparation for the workshop.

3) Clear program; the chapters were presented logically.

4) Auxiliary elements (entourage) also impressed in a positive way. After some time, you want to go through this experience again.

Dmitriy Kiselev, art director at kiselev.ua

Review: I really liked Roman’s workshop
Review: I really liked Roman’s workshop

I really liked Roman’s workshop! He explained everything in detail, answered all the questions.

After the workshop, I managed to sort out the information and I realized how to develop further in sales.

Eugene Kiselev, designer

Review: The answers we got to all our questions were not vague, but clear and detailed
Review: The answers we got to all our questions were not vague, but clear and detailed

A friend of mine who works on developing several directions in one of the projects in my company recommended me to ask Roman for a consultation in web-analytics.

Experiencing particular difficulties, possibly due to the lack of experience, I couldn’t have conducted a thorough analysis of my projects and taken into account all the aspects, which would have helped me optimize the advertising costs. And in this regard, I really needed a consultation with a specialist, who pointed out all the necessary nuances while thoroughly analyzing my projects.

Prior to the consultation, I had given Roman a list of questions that required exact answers, and in some cases, I wanted to hear a detailed action plan, considering all the nuances of my company’s work.

Despite the fact that some of the questions were general, Roman was able to provide precise instructions. Having considered the sphere of my company’s work, he pointed out some significant problems at the company’s websites, which distracted users from buying goods. He indicated clear steps necessary to improve web site usability, track users’ behavior, increase the efficiency of some website pages, and increase conversion rate.

All in all, it will take a long time to describe everything that Roman offered during the consultation and which questions he touched upon.

Most importantly, we got the answers to all our questions, which were not vague but clear and detailed.

I also liked that even after the consultation was over, it still lasted while we implement all Roman’s recommendations.

Vladimir Nechiporenko, CEO of Equipage Service

Review: Roman is a well-known specialist in web-analytics and promotion of internet trade objects
Review: Roman is a well-known specialist in web-analytics and promotion of internet trade objects

We’ve recently needed to conduct advanced training on promoting internet shops for the Aegis Media/GMG group employees. To do this, we invited an external specialist – Roman Rybalchenko.

Roman is a recognized expert in web analytics and the promotion of internet shops. He has extensive practical experience in those spheres, that’s why we chose him.

The training was very useful for us. We got comprehensive responses to the following questions:

–        Which advertising channels are better for the promotion of internet trade objects?

–        Which advantages and threats are there while using SEO optimization for the promotion of internet shops?

–        Which options for structuring advertising accounts in Google Ads are the most optimal?

–        How to get maximum efficiency from using E-commerce in Google Analytics?

Besides, we got a lot of valuable practical tips based on the data from real campaigns.

I am delighted to recommend Roman Rybalchenko as a business trainer and will address him again when necessary.

Dmitrii Melinishyn, head of context advertising department in Adpro.

Review: Roman has met all our expectations
Review: Roman has met all our expectations

We invited Roman to our internal corporate training on Google Analytics to solve two groups of tasks:

–       Sorting out and finalizing our knowledge on the correct tracking and linking our advertising campaigns with the Google Analytics system;

–       Looking into a real case in terms of the correct setting of Google Analytics for the research purposes: segmentation of users and their behavior on the web site.

Roman has met all our expectations. Our team became more advanced users of Google Analytics, and thanks to Roman’s recommendations, we have successfully conducted research for our client.

Apart from the corporate training, I had an opportunity to hear Roman’s speeches at the seminars/conferences many times and confidently recommend Roman as a trainer/consultant for specific tasks in web-analytics and introductory courses.

Roman Havrysh, managing partner of Brainberry.

Review: Anyone working with Roman will have a great burst of energy resulting in productivity
Review: Anyone working with Roman will have a great burst of energy resulting in productivity

It was a pleasure to work with Roman. I enjoyed his ability to work directly on a task at hand, trying to reach the best possible solution. Roman has a clear picture of what needs to be done to move any project forward, no matter the obstacles ahead. Creativity and an honest approach are the strongest skills he is using in everyday situations. Anyone working with Roman will have a great burst of energy resulting in productivity.

Maksim Panfilov, CEO of Vivex Invest.

Review: Roman showed himself as a very proactive person
Review: Roman showed himself as a very proactive person

While his work at Kopeikoff, Roman showed himself as a very proactive person who always stays very focused and results-oriented. He was an initiator of multiple creative marketing campaigns that brought tons of new users to our website. The results that he made during our marketing activities were very effective and resultative. I hope to work with Roman again.

Artem Iaremchuk, project manager of Vivex Invest.

Review: During his work he always tries to measure all possible applications and find benefits
Review: During his work he always tries to measure all possible applications and find benefits

Roman is a good expert at SEO and internet marketing. During his work, he always tries to measure all possible applications and find benefits. Working at Amplua Personnel, Roman developed a business attitude regarding project work. He is a good team player, and I would highly recommend him as a good professional and internet maniac. If I have a chance to work with Roman again, I will do it without any hesitation.

Denis Stepura, Project Manager of the Amplua Personal.

Paul Muzok
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It’s always a pleasure to collaborate with Roman, he's hardworking and very attentive to details, always looking for best approaches to deliver the optimum result.

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