4 May 2019, last updated — 23 April 2020

Review: Online apartment booking service Dobovo.com about working with Roman.company

I’m glad that you always keep up with trends and look how to solve our problems with the latest technologies.

Dmitriy Malakhov

We began our cooperation on email marketing. It was sort of an experimental project. We found common ground pretty quick and got a positive feedback from you.

We really liked that technically the process in your company is appropriately set. Tasks that we give you are either in work, already completed, or you return them back. So the case when a task is simply lost can never occur, which brings nothing but joy.

We found a team that can solve our problems, and we put on your shoulders everything new to us, everything we had no expertise in.


One of the main tasks besides email marketing was PPC advertising, where we had no expertise in. We needed consultants of such a high level.

I’m glad that Roman.company participates in conferences, always tries to find a solution for our problems with the use of the latest technology and not by just increasing the number of billed hours. That’s exactly why we continue to work with Roman.company.

In which areas Roman.company solved our problems? It’s PPC advertising above all, and I can say that overall we are happy that delegated Olga such a task as marketing director. Olga curates us regarding basically all marketing questions, which is also good because one person should do it.

The advantage for us is that control of the agency that does advertising in the top city, Kyiv, is not on my shoulders.It’s a big relief for me because any agency needs supervising. That’s why here we solve these tasks together and are pretty successful so far.


Did we complete our task? Well, at the start of the project I thought ‘What’s advertising, just configure everything once and forget about it’. Now I understand that it is a never-ending process. Of course, there is a certain foundation that forms over time and keeps the process going, with which you can try new directions.

Did we answer our question? Not completely, because I believe that we have room to grow, there is something to fight for. We don’t know where we or our competitors we will be in half a year. That’s why we set new tasks, resolve them, and move forward – it’s a never-ending process.


Power BI is a great tool. Thank you, Roman, for proposing it at the time. This is what we lacked because working with a large amount of data without such a tool makes it rather impossible to make the right decisions. However, it took a long time to set it up, but it was worth it.

I think that you can safely offer this product already as a boxed solution to other agencies. Fast, affordable, and everything in one place. You can make a selection for any period, for any campaign, the data is not instantly, but rather quickly loads up, and you can make a decision depending on the tasks of the project accordingly: either you want to invest in some direction, or you want to reduce cost and profit. This is the tool that is simply necessary for a large product.


If we are talking about a large company, there are new, silly employees, as well as experienced ones, which at one glance can give you some cool solutions. If we are talking about such a small agency as Roman.company, then the advantage is that the number of failures is reduced, because you will immediately spot the dummy and just won’t give him a job until you teach him. But at the same time, you cannot afford a large number of specialists who can come up with other interesting solutions. I am talking about automation and so on.

I like the fact that you always try to use the latest solutions from Google and prefer to spend more time on automatic configuration than to do something with your hands temporarily. That’s a plus.

We work with a large agency along the Roman.company. And for us, this is probably the best combination today. We take knowledge and experience from both teams. And in the end, we get pretty good symbiosis.


The price corresponds to the market, and I think that you are quite worthy of winning this competition.


Yes, there were some inconsistencies in the little things, and you learned a lesson from each failure. And if, for example, a business process misfired, then you reviewed this business process, put another person to control or inspect, and as a result, we reached a level at which the number of errors in this exact business process tended to zero.

Since in my head there is no bad case that would pop up, a large one, then I am happy with the work.


Those who are looking for a reliable contractor in the field of email marketing, Google Ads, etc. can safely contact Roman.company, they will solve your problems.

Dmitriy Malakhov,
Co-founder of Dobovo project

Paul Muzok
Co-Founder & CEO skylum.com

It’s always a pleasure to collaborate with Roman, he's hardworking and very attentive to details, always looking for best approaches to deliver the optimum result.

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