15 February 2012, last updated — 6 July 2020

Review: great internet marketing specialist

Roman is a great internet marketing specialist. With his help, I managed to sort out many aspects of the work of Google, in particular web analytics service Google Analytics and context advertising system Google AdWords. As well, he assisted in creating the Performance tracking schemes for advertising campaigns.

Pavel Lysenko, Marketing specialist of the company “Euroindex”

Paul Muzok
Co-Founder & CEO skylum.com

It’s always a pleasure to collaborate with Roman, he's hardworking and very attentive to details, always looking for best approaches to deliver the optimum result.

Since 2008 and we have cooperated with 240+ Clients.
We spell the word “Client” with the capital letter.

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We work remotely and in the office in Kiev.

We like travelling and increasing our Client’s sales all over the world.