19 February 2019, last updated — 23 April 2020

Review: Memory products manufacturer Kingston about working with Roman.company

I recommend cooperation with Roman for almost everyone involved in the business.

Olga Andreeva

When Kingston Technology entered the gaming industry, we realized that we needed to improve our knowledge in the field of Internet marketing, and we began to look for professionals who would help us slightly improve this knowledge. We chose Roman Rybalchenko. When we saw how he and his team approach work, how they selflessly treat their work, we realized that this meeting would probably not be the last, and one single consultation resulted in a long-term cooperation.

To date, his team has implemented support of the first in Ukraine gaming reality show Battle of Gamers, and now they are managing a number of turnkey projects for us.

I believe that if you want to learn something new, the optimal and fastest way is to find the best teacher in this field. At the time, it was Roman Rybalchenko.

No matter how trite it sounds, but from my point of view, it is professionalism in the broad sense of the word. Particularly, relevance of the knowledge. These guys keep an eye on the trends in their field. Secondly, it’s an understanding of the boundaries of their competence. And the third is the focus on results, involvement in the project, and not some beautiful pictures or reports.

I believe that the cost of services should at least correlate with the value that the specialist or any company brings. Regarding Roman.ua team, the expert services and projects implementation perfectly correlate with the price they request. But what I would like to say for our part, is that we received an invaluable bonus from them, which is personal to me and valuable for our team, because they suggested using a cool task manager, with which we managed to organize our work in a way more effective way, establish better communication, which in general was not included in the list of those services for which we paid.

I think that today, the Internet platform is basically the most effective tool for promoting any business. Television, billboards, and so on are still relevant for some industries, but I think that the influence of these tools is gradually decreasing. Therefore, I recommend for almost anyone involved in the business in any way, whether it is the owner or employee, cooperation with Roman. And it is up to you, how deep this cooperation will be.

Olga Andreeva,
International Sales — Eastern Europe
Field Marketing Manager, Ukraine & CIS in Kingston.

Paul Muzok
Co-Founder & CEO skylum.com

It’s always a pleasure to collaborate with Roman, he's hardworking and very attentive to details, always looking for best approaches to deliver the optimum result.

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