9 January 2019, last updated — 23 April 2020

Review: Mac software developers MacPaw about working with Roman.company

I can suggest working with Roman.company to those who appreciate their time and need a quick and quality experience.

Kuziv Ivan

We ordered an audit of our email marketing for the reason that we simply didn’t have enough hands to do email marketing, and it was in some half-abandoned state. There were a lot of set up email chains, but even some basic settings, a basic check, whether everything works fine, was simply unnoticeable for us. Therefore, we needed a fresh look, professional, from the outside, to see what does work and what is just poorly set up or is not set up at all.

What I liked, first of all, is when Roman asked Ivan, ‘Are you sure that you need email marketing and audit of email marketing?’ Because when a person is focused on the result, he saw that we actually have a lot more opportunities in the business and there are things, critical things where he could be even more helpful for our business, our company than email marketing. This immediately set us up for such a good cooperation.

The second is that he always collaborated with the guys. This communication didn’t go via me, email marketers worked on our part, and communication was set up really good. They gathered for meetings, they sat and analyzed each case separately, reviewed, double-checked, and such a sufficiently high-quality, lively work was going on. Not as usual, you ordered something, and then after a while you received it, that’s all. Everything was oriented on us, on a client, and we liked it, and we received such a detailed audit. A lot of tips on email marketing besides the audit, from the integrity of the database to prospecting, to checks for spam filters and everything else, and a bunch of tips on other areas where Roman managed to notice what could be improved.

The only and most basic expectation was a fresh look from the professional that we had right and wrong. I think that we got quite an excellent result – definitive, deep, global, and elaborate report. Indeed, there are many basic and simple things that we did not do and even did not know about them, simply because, as we got used to, we thought that everything is always good and it’s hard to do something better. But as it turned out, even the base was far from being completed. That’s why we have something to work on and based on the results of this report a lot of changes have been made and actually continue to be done. Even at the moment, there is still work that is not completed.

Regarding the price of the service, I consider it absolutely honest. First of all, I believe that the main value is Roman’s experience and his approach to work. Therefore, when you receive an audit report, for example, you know that everything is checked there, even more than you would personally do. And this confidence is saving your personal time for some, say, torment or doubt that everything works fine for us, or if it works poorly for us, or that anytime some regular email just wouldn’t be delivered because we didn’t take into account some anti-spam filters or forgot to configure something else. This certainty actually far exceeds any price, since emails are being sent every day, thousands of letters, or even millions during the hot season. So the confidence the night before sending, it costs a lot. We got it and I think it’s cool.

What we didn’t like and what you need to improve?

There is, honestly, something that I didn’t like, but actually … I’ll say right away to the camera. The only thing that maybe I personally didn’t like and that I think not only Roman, but together we could do better is actually communication, because at one time we parted, trusting each other completely, and postponed the question for later. It really was non-priority. What I can advise everyone who orders such services, services from Roman, is to order priority things. Roman was initially right that there were things that were much more important and could help us, and at that time we were not busy with them, that’s why we postponed work with the audit and its results for later. But the audit was done well.

I can advise working with Roman.ua and his team to those who really value their time, those people who need fast and high-quality experience in almost every direction of marketing, since these guys had a lot of projects, experience from the market, not only from our market, and many things that you personally would have to do for months, here you can decide in an hour during coffee or in a week of work. Experience always matters. Do you lack the experience and time? Go to Roman.company.

Kuziv Ivan,
Marketing Team Lead MacPaw

Paul Muzok
Co-Founder & CEO skylum.com

It’s always a pleasure to collaborate with Roman, he's hardworking and very attentive to details, always looking for best approaches to deliver the optimum result.

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