16 June 2017, last updated — 17 January 2021

Review: Attention to details and being result-oriented is a competitive advantage of Roman.company.

We have worked with Roman on increasing the efficiency of email marketing and triggered email chains. I really liked the approach to dealing with tasks. Before suggesting any alterations or improvements, Roman studied the current project structure as a whole and the part in question.

Usually experts like to refer to their successful cases and claim that only their approach works. But with Roman, it was not the same because we all forgot about our successes and failures and concentrated on the specific task in the specific niche with the specific problems. I’m talking about personal approach to every customer and their tasks, rather than just using the practices which can be totally inapplicable with the particular project of a customer.

Having implemented all new features, Roman had been in touch with us for a long time to analyze their efficiency and adjust the strategy.

Among the downsides I can only name the speed of performing tasks. We had extremely tight deadlines and we were trying to solve the problem of the whole marketing department by addressing the specialist. However, it’s quite difficult to get a quick and quality consultation at the same time, as it takes a while to sort everything out. So we opted for quality which Roman managed to provide us with to the fullest.

We were very pleased to work with Roman.company’s team, they are real professionals.

Yevhenii Pyltiai,
Product Manager

Paul Muzok
Co-Founder & CEO skylum.com

It’s always a pleasure to collaborate with Roman, he's hardworking and very attentive to details, always looking for best approaches to deliver the optimum result.

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